Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dreaming of London

Right now, the OK! International Conference is taking place at OK! magazine's headquarters at Northern & Shell in London. Northern & Shell owns OK! plus other magazines and newspapers. That huge blue building along the River Thames houses the entire publishing empire. It's impressive to me especially because Summit Media, where I work, has about 20 titles and the entire company occupies just two floors. 

Anyway, I'm obviously missing all the action since I'm on maternity leave. I really really really wanted to go! The owner of the giant media company sent me an email a few months ago congratulating me and my staff for a job well done. He also wanted me to give a presentation on how we make the Philippine edition because he thinks it's just so darn good! I nearly died of happiness! But... Vito first!

I sent managing editor Lana instead. She'll do a fabulous job--I have the best staff!--and will do me proud. Oh, I'm such a mommy to my staff really. 

Well, work aside, I also wanted to go to London again for personal reasons. Vince and I honeymooned in London two years ago and I've been wanting to go back since.

Here's the plan: I will have a proper English breakfast then go museum hopping in the mornings, pop in the shops on Oxford Street in the afternoons, and watch theater in the evenings. West End is the main reason I want to go back really (oh, and the National Gallery, of course!). The musicals and plays are electrifying! Plus, on our last trip there, Vince and I found out how to buy theater tickets for cheap. Very good seats, too! Oh, every night should be spent in the theater! I also want to spend a few days exploring the English countryside. I'll take the train out of the city... and maybe go straight to Scotland and see the Scottish Highlands, too!

Well, maybe next year then. 


  1. Aww Frances! You are a good boss and mother to your staff! Lana must be one happy (and deserving) person right now!

    You'll get your London trip soon with the hubby and hopefully it'll be all play and no work!

    Miss you much!

  2. Congratulations, Frances! I love your magazine. you always do a great job.

  3. Rachel and Kat, Lana did a GREAT job! The other editions were quite impressed =) I feel like a proud momma, sniff, sniff!

    Thanks, Sonia =D


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