Friday, September 24, 2010

I want a Marc Jacobs bag. Or two. Or more!

Last week, I mentioned in my Facebook status that I believe I deserve a reward for breezing through labor and surviving the first month of motherhood. I asked my friends, "Bag? Shoes? Jewelry?" The resounding answer was jewelry! And you all know I've been lusting after a certain topaz ring!

But this week, PR company Visions & Expressions sent me the photos of the Fall 2010 collection of Marc Jacobs handbags and now I'm having second thoughts. Just look at these beauties!

I like these bags because they're classic. I'm really not a trendy girl. I tend to wear a lot of black and gray these days and my bags kinda are the same. Even my shoes have become more sedate! I just pile on the accessories like bangles and necklaces to make my look more interesting.

Anyway, Marc Jacobs really did want his latest collection to be very classic. I was told that "instead of trying to outshine his past distinguished extravaganzas, [Marc] came up with a rhapsodic, toned-down collection, a sound choice for today’s economic situation. Gone are the tassels and funky embellishments of last season’s bag collection. The only embellishments we’ll be seeing this fall are in the form of classic push-lock closures and attached padlocks... The simple, minimalistic shapes of the many purses highlight the luxurious materials with which these carry-alls were made."

Love them! There are many more styles--in quilted leather, metallic tones, and in vivid aqua. But no space, no space. So just check them out at the Marc Jacobs store at Greenbelt 4.

Oh, but there's this one bag that wasn't all about toned-down style:
Wabbits! Wacky! Whimsy! So... I love it, too!


  1. How's your rabbit na nga pala?

  2. Matilda's okay. Thanks for asking! She's feeling a bit neglected now, for obvious reasons. So maybe that's why she's putting on weight.

  3. i have the Hillier bag in that color (wine) and i absolutely love it!

  4. Vannie! I'm so envious! I checked the prices and, oh my, they're a bit above my budget!

  5. hahaha! at first i was a bit hesitant but i really liked the style and color so i just closed my eyes and paid. i used it everyday for more than a month, that's how much i loved it.

  6. I have the Hillier Hobo in nice tan, and I love it! It's a really great bag: the leather is soft and smells awesome (even after a year!), it's a great color, has a nice and basic hobo shape but its best feature in my opinion, is the double strap, giving you the option to wear it cross-body or on your shoulder. As you can see from my rambling, I really, really love this bag. :)


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