Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vito on my phone

I finally learned how to transfer my files from my Sony Ericsson Elm phone to my HP Mini!!! Congratulate me please! Yep, I may be married to the Third World Nerd but that doesn't mean I'm just as great with gadgets. So now that I finally understood Bluetooth, I feel like I've achieved a lot!

I uploaded more photos on Facebook but I'm sharing some of them here for you, my loyal readers. As you can probably tell from the pics, my life is spent in the bedroom, staring at this little wonder. And though he has a crib (with a special extra-long mattress I had a hard time looking for!), he prefers to sleep with Mama and Papa.
3 days old.
Vito is still looking bashed up from the birth--cone head,
puffy eyes--but he's still so adorable!

2 weeks and 3 days old.
Vince and Vito getting some sun.

3 weeks old.
Vito is attacked by infant acne. You know what cured it?
Breast milk applied 3x a day. Doctor said so!

3 weeks and 3 days old.
See? Infant acne reduced dramatically just 3 days
after the breast milk application.

Vito always sleeps with the iPad playing his sleepy music.
 The iPad also saves me from boredom while I breastfeed him!

3 weeks and 3 days old.
My little bobblehead's awake! Vito wears Tushy Wushy cloth diapers.
Fantastic invention! Sometimes it lasts longer on him than disposables!

1 month and 1 day old.
When Vito wakes from his afternoon nap, he's all happy,
then fussy, then hungry, then sleepy. This is obviously the happy part!

 1 month and 4 days old.
Love that smile! Many thanks to Auntie Anj and Cousin Zo
for all the nice clothes little Vito has!

He's too cute! Vince wants me to use the Olympus when taking photos of his son but my phone's always beside me so... It takes good pictures, no? Love Sony talaga!


  1. wow Vito is sooooo cute!!! I never knew that breastmilk could cure infant acne...the Thai doctor here gave us cream instead:( thanks for the tips Ms. reading your posts and I've been digging your archives since last month but I seldom leaves comment because I'm always in a hurry...see you next time:) ...

  2. don't know how to transfer my photos to my computer too... hahaha! vito is so adorable frances!!!

  3. Aliw naman Frances, you just discovered the wonders of Bluetooth! :P Switch it off though when you're not using it kasi may mga nagpapadala ng virus through Bluetooth. My hubby is a computer engineer but I was so ecstatic when I formatted my laptop and set up the WiFi (router and all that jazz) at home on my own! Heehee! :)

    Vito is adorable!

  4. Such a lovely baby boy! Smiling on photos! I love it, the photos look clear!!!! :)

  5. Vito smiles so cute... love the dimples :P

  6. Cuteness!! I love the last photo :) Smiling Vito!

  7. aw. such a sweetie! how was your experience at st. lukes GC by the way?:)

  8. Cutie pie! I like the smiling photo where he's looking to the side. Parang may mischievous plans. :P


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