Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sneak peek!

I've been Tweeting about this with utmost excitement yesterday so to all who got infected by my online shrieks of glee, here's a peek at my new bespoke handmade leather satchel!
Tough and sturdy hardware
Tanned and tooled leather--by hand!
Magnetic snaps for easy access
Flexible leather and extra zipped inside pocket
Extra secret pocket at the back
Perfectly hand-sewn
Isn't it so exciting?! It's absolutely gorgeous! I'll talk more about my bespoke leather satchel soon. Must plan an outfit first to go with the bag so you can appreciate it better!

Thanks, Vince! You always make me happy.


  1. Love the color! It's the perfect tan/brown!

  2. I can't wait for the full reveal!! Can they do colors? Because that's the main draw of the Cambridge for me. I already have the Alexa in oak, so I'm not looking for another neutral bag.

  3. hi miss frances...i want one too...but price is too mahalia and middle income earners wouldnt be able to afford it.

    also, i want the katie holmes necklace too. do you have yours na? do you have any idea where i can find affordable replica of those? i dont mind if its gold plated only.

    and i still dont have the OK Royal wedding issue. =( lageng sold out

  4. OH MY GOD IT'S SO PRETTY! And as I've mentioned in my tweet conversations with you I want to have one too because you say it's prettier than the expensive Cambridge satchels I'm drooling at. Oh geez, I can smell the leather from where I'm seated right now!

    (btw I changed na my Twitter handle! I tweeted you about it and my new blog, hehe!)

  5. It's sooooo pretty!!! Show the full shot already! :D

    I've been wanting a satchel but I'm too POOReza as of the moment! :(

  6. hope this comment appears na...for the Nth time ... :)

    So i really like a tan bag right now and you've got perfect timing...hope I can reserve 1 na. 12 - 13" would be a good size for me :) Good luck with your new venture!

  7. it's beautiful! i would love to have one too! now, if only i can allocate a budget for that from all the things i have to buy and and to pay for... i know someday i'll have one, positivity :)

  8. Ganda! Shucks afford ko ba to? What are the details?:-)
    Softer than the Cambridge satchel? Happiness!

  9. Thanks, thanks! The full reveal is here:


  10. HI I came across your blog from Paola (of Mommy Treats) post and I have to say I absolutely love your bag!!! I love that the details look perfect and they seem so sturdy :) I also like the uneven tanning because it shows it is genuine leather :) Anyway I might have missed it from your posts but what are the details of the bag like size, price, etc? Thanks!

  11. It's a really nice sturdy bag! And I'm not just saying that kasi I'm selling it. I own one and I love it!

    Email me at frances@topazhorizon.com so I can bombard you with details!

  12. hi frances, will your newer satchel designs incorporate an inner lining? :)

  13. hi, im joy. id like to order the 14" bag... how much is it? do you have other colors aside fr tan and choco brown? do you also have the choco brown satchel without the handle? thanks..

  14. Hi Faith, we're still doing the prototypes. We'll decide in August!

    Joy, please email me. Address is in last paragraph.


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