Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Look at these pretty pearl pieces!

I love jewelry. They just make every outfit look loads better! You know what looks really great with everything? Pearls.

Of course, real ones are the best but, my goodness, a pair of real pearl studs costs as much as a MacBook Air so I really don't mind wearing less expensive but just as beautiful pieces like these gorgeous necklaces from Carolee's new Style Icon Collection:
Jackie Pearl Necklace with Emerald-Cut Crystal Clasp
Jackie 8mm Three Row Pearl Necklace
Michelle 16mm Pearl Necklace
The collection is named after glamorous women in history: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Evita Peron, Wallis Simpson and Michelle Obama.

The U.S. President's wife actually owns a Carolee pearl necklace and she wore it on the cover of Newsweek and on the night her husband won the Democratic nomination. Yeah, the night the couple made the fist bump famous.

Since I have Mrs. Obama's penchant for sheath dresses and pearls, I guess I should go and stock up on Carolee necklaces! And I'm actually going to Rustan's Makati tomorrow. Hmm. I just might get myself one. I actually have my eye on this Evita perfection:
Evita Five Row Graduated Pearl Necklace
It's lovely. Perfect for Mother's Day!

For another Mother's Day gift, click here to see what Michael Kors made for mommies!


  1. I looove pearls too and I already have my eye on a south sea peal chocker from my wholesaler jeweler that would not cost even half a Macbook air! :)))

  2. I love pearls, I think it makes a woman look so polished, and serious-elegant! I don't have a lot of pearls since I am into gems like diamonds and sapphires more (my birthstone!)

    Your pick is so amazing. It would look so nice on you, Ms. Frances.

  3. Pearls could be expensive for someone on a budget, Costume jewellery could be used to achieve the same look.

  4. I went to the store to look at the pieces. Parang na-disappoint ako!

  5. Even though I love pearls like my mom. I would also suggest on giving a sapphire ring on mother's day.


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