Friday, May 06, 2011

4 things I learned from my marathon TV appearances

It's been exactly one week since the royal wedding of William and Catherine but the fascination remains. I'm an entertainment magazine editor so part of my job is to appear on TV shows to talk about the biggest wedding of the year (the century!).

Anyway, I thought my TV stint was at an end, especially now that William and Kate are back at their secluded Anglesey home. But today, I was asked to do another interview for Jessica Soho's show. This time, I was asked to talk about hats and why British women wear such outlandish creations. This totally delighted me because I finally found an excuse to wear the fascinator I won last year!

You can find out what I said tomorrow on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho at 8:30pm on GMA 7. For now, let me share with you what I learned from my stint as a resource person for TV shows.

1. Only your face matters.
At the start, I used to wear Spanx, polish my nails and wear my nice shoes. Since it wasn't necessary for me to walk around, however, all that didn't matter as the camera just focused on my face. So I stopped wearing my heels, let my tummy hang out, and wore nice earrings instead. I tried big necklaces but the sound guy said that the necklace kept bumping the microphone so earrings then!  

2. There's no such thing as too much makeup. 
I did my own makeup and people always remarked I looked so pale and tired. So with each appearance, I slapped on more makeup till I thought my face would crack. I think I did okay this time, maybe more eye makeup, though. We'll find out tomorrow!

3. Don't move too much. 
Yep, stay in the frame. Now I talk with big gestures, big movements. Sometimes I even dance and jump when I talk. It helps me express my thoughts better. But on TV, you're trapped in a tiny square so this was a nightmare! I had a hard time thinking and talking and sounding smart! Must learn how to think while not moving.

4. Be nice to the crew. 
Because if they like you, they can edit what you said so that you sound like a genius! I watched a few of my appearances, reluctantly at first because I knew we had to do several takes. But, lo and behold, they edited it so well, that I sounded like a British royalty historian! 

Yes, I learn something new every day. Maybe the lessons I learn today will help me when I make my own lifestyle show one day! 


  1. Yey, oh so gorgeous Mommy with that fascinator! You look better here than your makeup for TV5. I saw it thru a YT link. Now I know what your voice like...cute! :)

  2. Congratulations Frances on your TV appearance, I love your make-up, your fascinator, your earrings, your outfit! EVERYTHING! :) When will this be shown?

  3. Cool. Any link to the final aired video?

  4. All great advice. TV is hard! I used to work at CNN but the few times I've had to be in front of the camera, it gives me a breakdown!

  5. wow! i'm gonna watch the show! TV appearances are always insane talaga! i did a whole 30 minute interview before for a talk show, i was a bundle of nerves!

  6. Frances you're so pretty! :)

  7. Lovely Frances! Happy Mother's Day to you my dear! :-)

  8. love the color of your lipstick here. what are you using?

  9. I saw your interview last night:). You look so pretty!

  10. Thanks, thanks!

    Tigerlily, will do a post on your question on my beauty blog this weekend.

    Lootwagon and WendyB, I know! I am so allergic to TV appearances. But i actually want to have my own show! How weird am I?

    Ernia, if you check out my more recent posts, the link is there.


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