Monday, May 09, 2011

How did I sound in your head?

Looks like a lot of you saw my guest stint at Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. I didn't (we watched Fringe instead!) but blog reader Mav Duran sent me a link and so I was able to watch it. Thanks, Mav!

Don't blink or you'll miss it!

On Twitter (follow me!), some of my followers who watched the show teased me about my voice. Yes, it's really soft and high-pitched. I screech when I'm excited, too. It's okay, I don't get offended about it. I even coined a term for my voice--boses pekpek. In polite company, it's boses ipis.

I used to try to modulate but I dunno, I just never can do it. As a writer, I never dreamed I'd be in a position that I'd have to actually express my thoughts verbally so public speaking was never a skill I developed.

I do wonder, though, since my Twitter followers said, "I didn't imagine you to sound like that" and "Your voice is unexpected," I wonder how exactly did you think I'd sound? Just curious!


  1. Yep, that was unexpected, but cute! I dunno, I imagined you to have a deep, rich voice. :)


  2. Hi, I knew it was you at Chatime. I think you were having a meeting with your OK! staff, and I was so shy to approach you though I really wanted to. :) Great job on this interview! :)

  3. Well, nobody likes the sound of their own voice. I'm always horrified to hear my own voice in videos and recorded messages LOL!
    but but but... I have a friend who sounds just like you (like a child somewhat, but I think you guys sound sweet). Di pa naman siya annoyingly high pitch levels heheh.

    And belated happy mom's day! :)

  4. your voice is cute... just like how i imagine a good girl friends voice would be especially in times of chatting over the phone or over a cup of coffee =)

  5. I tweeted you that I saw you from Jessica Soho and you asked me about how you looked (esp. your makeup). I said you were fine. In fact, I find your fascinator very adorable. But then I really wanted to comment about your voice because it was unexpected. The way you talked pa parang super giddy ka. hehehe. kaso i was afraid you might get offended. :)

  6. No prob :). You're so pretty noh! Magalaw ka nga during the interview, nung nameet kita ganun din naman tayo:P. Good Job Frances! :D

  7. Hello there Ms Frances! I've been reading your blogs for quite sometime now. It was really nice to finally see and hear you, even if it was just on TV. Hope I'll get to meet you one day. Any plans of visiting Davao City? =)

  8. boses pekpek! LOL. I miss you Frances!

  9. Dea, deep rich voice. Haha, what a disappointment I am!

    Manila Hot Stuff, oh you should've just approached me! I'm very approachable =)

    LZN, I think newscasters and radio broadcasters like their voice teehee!

    Cheer, aww. thanks!

    Freeswan and Mav, super edited na nga yung interview niyan! I really had a great time talking so they had to keep cutting to say, "Ms Frances, stay in the frame po. Wag masyado magalaw." Boo!

    Pink m!m!ng, one day one day!

    Kat!!! I miss you too!!!

  10. hi, i just visited your blog a couple of days ago and i enjoy reading your posts. and having watched the vid, may i just say that your voice is exactly what i imagined it would be--nice and perky and it suits you. :)


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