Monday, September 19, 2011

Hangers are my current happiness

I know I've been gone for a while, folks. Last week was incredibly unutterably amazing. I'll tell you more soon enough but for now, here's one of the reasons I was so very pleased with my past week: wooden hangers!

Unlike a lot of women, I don't have a lot of clothes. I know women who keep everything from their very first pair of jeans and bridesmaid gown to the sexy cheerleader outfit that no longer fits! About once or twice a year, I weed out my closet and give the stuff away to charity or sell on eBay. I don't keep clothes at all. That's because I live in a small apartment, I have a small closet and I became a mother and nothing now fits.

Another reason is I like to keep my clothes hangers an inch apart. This allows the clothes to breathe. When air circulates, mildew doesn't form on your clothes. Also, when your clothes aren't squished together, they don't get rumpled in storage. So if I kept everything I ever bought, there is no way I can keep my hangers an inch apart!

If you follow me on Twitter, you'd know I've been agonizing for weeks about finding wooden hangers. My hangers looked like this:
Blech. Dikit-dikit!

My friendly followers on Twitter gave advice from Japan Home and Saizen to eBay and ordering all the way from IKEA Singapore. One evening, on my way to the MRT-Ayala station, I passed through SM Makati and just decided to see if they had the hangers that I wanted. Eureka! They did! 
I bought 4 boxes. Yep, that's 80 hangers!
At only P600 for a box of 20, it's sooo cheap!
Mmm, you can smell the wood!
Soooo very happy! Now my closet (oh, and Vince's too) look like this:

So much better, right? One inch apart! Consistent look. Clean. Organized. I am so happy!


  1. I never considered wooden hangers before.

    I used to want to have one of those foamy ones. Now I want this. And yes they're cheap. I'm getting 2 boxes.

  2. I've always wanted to buy wooden hangers, but the ones I find are always so expensive! Not that I own a lot of clothes, but it's not in my priority list. I'll be sure to take note of SM Homeworld though so I can prettify my closet! I'm O.C. about hangers. I don't like them being in different types and colors. :P

  3. I saw wooden hangers @ shopwise sold at Php29 a piece. Got myself some :)

  4. KV, my hangers have never been the same. After 34 years, I finally went and did something about that! =)

  5. Hi! I've been looking for websites where i can buy wooden hangers but tono avail. :-( this morning, while i was trying my luck again in looking for them, i chanced upon your blog. Thanks to you!!!! :-) went to SM homeworld in sm north edsa and bought the wooden hangers! I'm soo excited to use them. ;-) thanks again for the tip!

  6. I have the same kind too! But I bought the assorted pack with the trousers clips on the hangers. I wonder if they still have that. I think I got it for the same price.

    It does make ones closet more bearable to go through 'no? :D


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