Thursday, October 06, 2011

About the blogging break

I've been neglecting the blogs. I said on my Facebook page (like! like! like!) that I ought to have a blogging schedule: M-W-F for Topaz Horizon, T-TH-S for Topaz Mommy and Sundays for Beauty For A Living. Well, even I balked at that!

I do apologize for the lack of regular updates. September was... interesting. That should prompt you to ask, "If it was so innerestin, then why ya not bloggin?" Well, I don't want to say yet although my Twitter followers (follow me!) have guessed correctly the BIG REASON why I've been cocooning myself. If you want to guess, then check out Leona Panutat's blog which featured me as her Yummy Mommy for October. Judging from my recent photos (especially the pink Versace dress), I think you can deduce why I've been hiding: I'm fat. Haha! Actually, there's a reason for the plumpness but let's talk about that another day.

Then there's work, the bag business, and of course, my little toddler who is running around so fast and I just can't keep up. As Leona describes me, "Wife. Mom. Editor. Blogger. Entrepreneur." Whew. I got exhausted just reading that.

And I was actually telling Vince the other day, "I want to add humanitarian or activist or philanthropist!" To which he dryly replied, "You gotta be really rich for the philanthropist part." He also added I'm crazy for wanting to even put more on my already very full plate.

I just can't keep up. That sums up my life lately, I guess. So much is happening and I can't seem to keep up anymore. Everyone is telling me, "Step back. Slow down. Relax." So I am. Wish me luck!


  1. Ohhhh intriguing post you have here. Napaisip ako tuloy. I have this wild guess :) By the way, you look gorgeous on that blog.

  2. Same thing happened to me and my blogging. Didn't want it to become a chore, and there was just too much going on offline. I miss the community though. When the kid starts becoming even more active, at one point you might find that you don't even have time to visit other blogs anymore, much less write your own! But we keep trying, because we will and we shall nail that damn work-life balance!!!

  3. Your avid readers truly miss your posts, Frances, but we understand why you have to take a break... :D

  4. just keep blogging when you can frances. we'll just be here, patiently waiting for your next post. :-) it's good to take a break once in awhile. otherwise you could end up getting burned out.

  5. Hi!
    Been lurking around here for quite sometime. I think I have an idea on why you are not able to post as much lately. Sayang, I can't confirm my guess since I don't have twitter and I don't want to say it here because I don't want to steal your thunder. Anyway, may I ask where you get your clothes from ebay? I always love your looks. I need a makeover!

  6. Like in Hollywood when one woman gets more plump, 'are you preggy again?' If ever your life will even be more interesting!

  7. I loooove the newwww bag!!! Ill order agad!


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