Friday, October 28, 2011

What I want for my 35th birthday

In exactly 10 days, I'm going to be 35. I find it terribly exciting--the 30s for me has always been a woman's sexiest age, the time when she's most confident, free from the insecurities that the teens and 20s were plagued with. I'm also looking forward to my 40s because that is when I think a woman is at her most powerful. Exciting times!

So what do I want for my milestone?

Well, I do have everything I need. I still have a lot of wants but, as they are wants, they don't bother me so much. But let me just tell you what they are!

Stuff I want:
1. A year's subscription to Glamour and Vanity Fair. Vince already gifted me with these! Thanks, babe!
2. A few days at the beach with my hubby and little boy, plus yaya. I'm not a beach person but what is it about kids that make you want to play in the sun and sand?
3. A year's worth of facials so that my acne will finally go away! Calling all my friends in the beauty industry! Wink, wink!
4. Shopping sprees at Mango, Karimadon, Zara, SM Forum and K&Co.
5. Shopping sprees at Mothercare, SM Baby, Rustan's Baby and Gingersnaps.
6. Red velvet cake from Karen's Kitchen.
7. Carrot cake from my friend Mariel, who I dearly miss and who will not be baking me cakes because she's in NYC.
8. A girly day at a nail salon with my girlfriends, who I also miss. This bed rest is so sad.
9. A MacBook. Either Air or Pro. Still can't decide!
10. An assistant!

Of course I have other less frivolous things on my mind, like...
1. I wish the subchorionic hemorrhage in my uterus would disappear so that my little Wiggle will be safe and I can get out of the house again. I whine a lot about being stuck home but I do that so I don't worry about Wiggle. Sometimes when I'm being shallow, it's really because something else vastly more important is pressing itself against my mind and my heart and I need to set my sights on glittery shiny things to not drown in the darkness.
2. I pray always for the safety, protection and good health of Vince, Vito and myself. And the yaya and maid! I don't think I utter a prayer more often than this one. Protect us, keep us safe, make us invisible to evil, keep us healthy. Sometimes, that's all I say to God. It must be maddening!
3. I wish all the kinks in this bag business will get ironed out. With Uncle Buck old and working slow and the leather supply running out because of the floods in Bulacan, I may have a ton of interested customers but if I can't meet demand... It's just really very frustrating for me.
4. I wish that all our plans for the magazine I edit will go spectacularly well in 2012. We're doing very well actually--both in advertising and circulation--but I want it to be bigger!
5. I want my blogs to become bigger than ever, too. They're actually great--thousands of views, steady growth, steady stream of advertisers and sponsors--but I'm ready to go HUGE.

That's all. I am beyond blessed and I thank God often for the life I have. I worked hard for it, sure, but I believe the right people and the opportunities were also sent my way and that I was smart enough (or I was advised well) to recognize them. And I am happy and completely content. Yet I am ready for more. I'll be 35 soon. In 10 days! I'm ready to do more!


  1. may all your wishes come true frances!! happy birthday to a great woman :D i'm glad i've gotten to "know" you even if online lang most of the time. happiness, love and great health to you and your family always.

  2. super duper advance happy birthday. i like all the "wants" for your birthday but I guess we have 1 similarity when praying, yung to keep our family safe and sana healthy always... i love going here and reading all your blogs... and keep safe always... :D

  3. If I was based in Manila, I'd love to apply as your assistant. Hehe! :) The world of publishing fascinates me. Plus I think that you do an awesome job as EiC of OK! Philippines. Advance Happy Birthday to you too!

  4. Happy birthday in advance, and I pray you receive all that you wish for. And I'll add a little prayer power for your bag business too, would like to see more of that doc bag hihi :)

    Seriously, good health and safe pregnancy for you. Looking forward to see Wiggle. :)

  5. Advance Happy Birthday!!! You look very young than your age and wish you more success and happiness. I agree for what you said when women reached 30's they're more confident and more motivated for what they want. No more insecurites and doubt like 20's. Take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  6. Early Happy Birthday! I'm sorry you're going through the whole bed rest thing -- my sister went through that for both of her pregnancies, but thankfully all went well and I have two beautiful nieces to show for it! I wish the same for you and hope all your birthday wishes come true! ;)

  7. Neva, I'm glad to know you, too! You have no idea how your blog has helped me with pregnancy and motherhood!

  8. Rose, thanks! But I want an assistant as a GIFT =D You know, FREE service hahaha

  9. Thank you everybody! Your prayers, support and encouragement really make me realize how blessed I am! God bless you!

  10. If a genie offers to grant a wish, stay in your mid 30s! That was my best time. I'm not loving the 40s at all, sad to say!

  11. Happy birthday Frances! May God continue to shower you with blessings :)

  12. Advance Happy Birthday! Hoping you'll get all your wishes! More power!

  13. Belated Happy Birthday, Frances! Ay nako, we have the same exact prayers at night. I don't think I want anything more in the world (well, aside from the side prayers of more blessings and to help us get by) than for my family to be safe and secure. Kulang na lang talaga i-record natin ang prayer na yun.

    Hope you had a great birthday! :D

  14. You deserve a lovely, gorgeous life, Neighbor! You work very hard and are very smart, indeed. Happy for you. Hope you had a fantabulous birthday! Love ya!


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