Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Please report this Facebook profile

Today, I received an email from a very concerned reader, Amina, who told me that someone named Jamie Palanca is using my photos on her Facebook account and passing them off as her own.

Since I wasn't friends with this woman, I couldn't see her other photos but Amina told me that in the other photos, Ms. Palanca claimed Vito as her own, except that she named him Savannah Lauren. And as you can also see from her comment below, she also claimed Vince as her husband.
Talagang angkinin ang asawa't anak ko, ha!

I am not very upset. This is something unexpected, after all. That's one of the consequences of putting your life all over the Internet. I was telling my friend Jill that it's kinda funny, kinda creepy, kinda flattering (although why did she use that unflattering photo?!) but mostly very sad and pathetic. So, guys, don't worry. I'm cool!

My cousin Diana pointed out, however, that while it's great I'm not blowing my top over this, she said that Ms. Palanca is an online seller. If she happens to be an unscrupulous person (and she very well may be because if she can lie about this then she can lie about anything), then she might be running off with people's money. And then what if a swindled customer saw me or my family somewhere and gets angry and attacks us? Put that way, that is a very scary scenario.

Well, folks, please do me a HUGE favor and report this person. Kindly go to her Facebook page (click here) and, on the left side of the profile, somewhere under the profile pic, click on "Report/Block" and say this person is pretending to be me. Thank you!

P.S. Please don't post harsh words on her wall. I know some of you are very protective of me (thanks!). I think it's a very sad thing she had to do this so let's just wish she finds a great husband and make gorgeous babies and have a fabulous life so that she wouldn't need to pretend to be me!

P.P.S. I wouldn't have known about this if it weren't for Amina. Thank you! You know, despite this, I'm still very glad I blog because I have people all over the world who truly care for me and my family. I am very blessed!


  1. Hello Ms. Frances! I already reported the person. Unfortunately, you're not my contact in FB so I wasn't able to click on the correct complaint. :p So I just said that she DOES NOT REPRESENT A REAL PERSON. lol. :p


    "The picture of a family is owned by Frances Amper Sales, who also happens to have an FB account. She is not my contact in FB, but I do know her. The guy on the photo is her husband, and the baby is their child. Definitely, she is not Jamie Palanca. Obviously, the photo has been stolen."

    I know what you feel. I've been duplicated many times by some unscrupulous people in Multiply and they were using my name to get buyers way back in 2007. God delivered me from all the hassle, and I was able to save my reputation. Just thought of paying the deed forward. :)

  2. Hey Frances, what a creepo! Anyway I reported it na but I think it has to come from you ata.

    You are indeed very lucky to have readers who watch out for you! Stay safe and blessed!

  3. this is definitely creepy! i reported it na via fb.

  4. hi frances!

    i have been following your blog for 2 years now. it's my first time to leave a message here.

    really admired how you stay cool and even did not encouraged others to place hate notes on her wall. I find such very mature way of dealing the issue. you indeed have a magnanimous heart.

    p.s I did block the person in fb.

  5. For some strange reason, I didn't get a blank space where I could write reasons for reporting this person, so I just clicked on the most relevant box. It's weird though--if this were a real person and her friends were commenting on her photo, then...she must look like you?

    Don't meant to make light of the situation, but what can I say--sikat ka na!

  6. Hi Frances!

    When I saw your status post about this impostor, I was at the same time in the process of reporting a fake account made for one of my friends. Grabe when I saw you family's pic with someone claiming that your Vince is her hubby, parang na-highblood ako. It was great that you were able to keep your composure.

  7. Nakakatakot naman ito, and I take my hat off at how you handle the situation. Pwede ka nang maging consultant for crisis management hehe!

    Kidding aside, I hope there are other ways in which we could help you report this to the proper authorities. That impostor, whoever he/she is, must be needing some psychiatric help too.

  8. now that is so scary since you are a well known person. please be careful when adding friends...

  9. Tisha, we think that she doesn't accept real friends as her friends kasi they would know if she were married, had kids, right?

  10. Grechie, oh but I am very careful. If I don't know the person, haven't talked to them at least once in a year, I don't add them. Even my own relatives, I don't add if they don't meet the "talk one in 6 months" criteria.

    She got my photo and info from the blog obviously. My life is splashed all over the blogosphere. Like I said, this isn't unexpected.

  11. Thanks everybody for reporting this sad sad woman!

  12. Done! Grabe, if someone claimed my husband and baby as their own I would be beyond pissed. Ginawa pang babae si Vito! Kaloka. Kudos to you for handling it so well.

  13. Reported!!
    Sadly this happens in the multiply selling scene A LOT (pati na rin pala sa FB). They use other people's name and pictures. You can just imagine how many angry buyers post these photos with the headline "SCAMMER". Nagugulat na lang yung mga may-ari nang pictures.

    Anyway hope FB staff takes down the profile na for you!!

  14. kung sabagay kahit anong careful natin ewan ko ba paano pa nila nagagawa yang mga ganyang bagay... btw i love reading your blog....

  15. Hahaha! ngayon ko lng to nabasa ah.. Ang masasabi ko lng pangit siguro siya in real life kaya nag hanap ng magandang photo, at ikaw yung napagtripan. hehehe. :D

    This simply means that you're beautiful :D hehe


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