Saturday, December 17, 2011

Almost done with the Christmas shopping

There are gifts under my pink tree!
It's a week before Christmas and my Twitter and Facebook feeds are all screaming about the horrible traffic jams and crowded malls. I'm glad that we didn't need to go out and shop since last month, we had already bought toys for the kids, gift sets for friends and neighbors, and little cutesy stuff for co-workers and forgotten relatives (haha).

Oh wait. I forgot that I went to Megamall a few days ago because I still don't have gifts for my nieces. They had asked for new clothes and this has left me stumped. For one thing, I hated getting clothes when I was young (even now actually). The clothes gifted to me are usually not my size and not my style.

Well, I asked my nieces what their dress sizes are and even then, at the mall with my sister, I was paralyzed. What do teen girls wear these days anyway? I was looking around the girls at the mall and was just horrified. They're either in the most unimaginative clothes or they're dressed indecently.

So my sister suggested we shop with the girls. Seemed like a good idea until I remembered the time I shopped with my niece for her prom dress. One dress, one pair of shoes--6 hours. I guess you'd say that's not so bad but regular readers know I hate shopping at the mall. The longest I'd spend at a mall is 2 hours, and half of that time is spent eating. So the 6 hours spent looking through racks upon racks of gowns was torture. (SM Dept Store truly has everything, by the way, from size 0 chiffon gowns and cheap plus size cocktail dresses to tacky nightmares and intricately beaded works of art!)

But, Y, if you're reading this, I want you to know the torture you put me through was worth it since you looked absolutely perfect in your lavender gown and silver strappy heels. And the cherry on top is you ended up as Prom Queen! But... I will not go through that again! So can I just give you gift certificates so you can shop for yourself?

I may abhor shopping but Vito makes going to the mall fun!
Hmm. Do you think gift certificates are a no-no gift? Some people say it's a lazy gift. Well, I love GCs! I love cash gifts, too! But in this case, I truly honestly have no idea what kind of clothes my nieces want and where to buy them. Where does one buy stylish clothes for girls 10 to 16 years old anyway? The ones I've seen so far either bore me to tears or shock me. I saw an adorable dress for a 10- to 12-year-old girl, for example, but when I took it from the rack, it was backless. Backless!

So I have a week to buy my nieces new clothes. Or just give them shopping money on Christmas. If you were a teenage girl, which would you prefer?

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  1. I love getting GCs! It may be a lazy gift but I'd rather buy something I like rather than get something that doesn't fit me or is not my style. I think giving them cash or GC would be fine, at least they get to pick and buy what they want.

    Iba na talaga ngayon! Made me think anu na kaya ang fashion when Y becomes a teen! I don't think I ever asked for clothes when I was a teen, I hate shopping then, I like shopping now but I can't stay in a shop for an hour just trying on clothes.. except when I'm abroad.

  2. I think GCs are a great idea. Teens and preteens love to shop anyway!

  3. I love GC's but I love getting actual clothes too especially if the giver has great taste!

    Nakakatakot nga ang some outfit choices for teens and even little girls. parang rarampa eh! napakainappropriate.

    kung ako ang tita, i will buy them either dressy tops/skirts (topshop/ the ramp) or leggings and cool shirts (zara/bench/bayo)

    pero for sure, baka nageexpect ang nieces mo ng forever21 gc's LOL

  4. GC would be great specially when you don't exactly know what they want :)

  5. Have a great holiday, Frances! Best wishes to your family!

  6. personally think GCs and cash gifts are great! it saves people trouble of buying stuff they don't like and won't use ever. at least with GCs and cash gifts, they can buy for themselves. :)


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