Monday, July 02, 2012

Spider-Man love

Nope, I'm not watching the new Spidey movie. I don't think the moviegoers will appreciate me sneaking a 7-week-old infant in the theater. Yep, my baby boy breastfeeds like crazy and so we're semi-permanently attached.

I wanted to watch it not because of the story (seriously, did it really need a retelling?) but because of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Here's why:
Patty and I like our men long and lean!

Oh well. Anyway, I just distracted myself with this fantabulous magazine:

To the amazing and super talented staff, you did one hell of a great job with this issue! Your gorgeous editor-in-chief (who, FYI to the mag's readers, was on maternity leave when this issue was produced) is very proud.

Hmm. I'm kinda feeling like I want Emma's hair here. But I'm 35 so maybe I'm too old for that look haha

I hope you guys grab a copy of the July issue of OK! magazine. You'll love it just as much as I did!


  1. Really super duper loved Emma Stone in it. She's just too adorable <3

  2. my daughters and I super duper love Andrew Garfield. wwwaaahhh!!! hehehe!!! and frankly speaking we love the story as well. bought your magazine yesterday and syempre dun kami agad sa interview kay Andrew Garfield. hehehe!

  3. We (the Hubby, little boy and I) loved the movie! Specially Andrew Garfield and Emma. They're so cute and adorable both.

  4. Emma and Andrew are super cute together :) I love Emma then, but I adore her even more now! :D

  5. I liked the movie, liked the Gwen Stacy angle, and loved that my NY office building was used!:) And while I like the lead actors, I was kinda distracted by Andrew's long neck.:s (And I kept picturing him in Social Network and Never Let Me Go!)


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