Friday, May 23, 2014

Good teeth is everything. Everything!

In the last 7 years, I often get asked by people from the past (ah, Facebook, where people you don't care about pop up often) if I've had anything done to my face. You know, nose job, Botox, face lift, I dunno. That means said people think I now look great. That also means said people think I used to look like crap haha. When I say that I didn't have anything done at all just my teeth, they still can't believe me.

Teeth, my friends, say a whole lot about you. If you have bad teeth, people assume you were poor and couldn't afford braces and the countless visits to the dentist. And you all know naman that I grew up poor. We only went to the dentist when we had a toothache and talagang kailangan ikamamatay na yung pain bago pa kami dalhin sa dentist. That was how much we scrimped on money. There's an episode in 30 Rock where Jack Donaghy sizes up Liz Lemon and tells her that she can act all smart but he knows she's insecure because she grew up poor. Flabbergasted Liz asks how he knew that and Jack says her bad teeth gave her away.

It's true. Straight, perfect, white teeth is all you need to look polished, sophisticated and rich. You can be toting a designer bag but if your teeth are crooked, your whole look is ruined. On the other hand, you can be in a simple tee and jeans but flash a bright and beautiful smile and you instantly look like a million bucks. Observe:

For more examples of celebs who look loads better with better teeth, click here!

My turn:

When we started dating vs our honeymoon 8 years later. 

I look like a different person, right? Teeth. That's all that changed!

According to my orthodontist, I had big teeth and I had too many of them so they were crowding in my mouth. That gave me a snout. I could never close my mouth! Para akong kabayo. So the ortho pulled out four huge teeth and installed braces on me.
I wore those things for four long years. Apparently, I had very stubborn teeth. They refused to move. Argh. I hated wearing braces. But at the end of it, I looked great. It was worth it!

But now after three pregnancies and because of my laziness to wear my retainers, my teeth are moving again. A trip to the dental clinic just before I got pregnant last year showed I need to have braces again.
I don't know if you can tell but the left photo shows that my front teeth have started protruding again while the right photo shows a widening gap between my molars. So the ortho said I need to have braces asap but I decided to wait till after I give birth. And, gosh, it's P90,000 this time around. Mas mahal pa sa normal delivery sa St. Luke's Global! Kaloka. But I'll have them done, maybe end of this year, right after my 38th birthday. So I can look amazing when I turn 40!

How about you? What's the one thing you did that changed your look (your life!)?

This post was made in collaboration with Dr. Ang's Dental Practice. Know more about dental health, caring for your teeth, and the ways to get a better smile by visiting Dr. Ang's website.

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  1. Oohhhh super agree with this! I had sunki before and thought it made my smile so goofy! So I grew up really insecure about my teeth. I have a lot of old pictures smiling awkwardly or not smiling at all in a deliberate attempt to hide my teeth! My mom who's a Sharon Cuneta fan would always say: 'O diba si Sharon nung kabataan nya, sunki sya? Cute nya!' Wala lang kaming pera nuon. Lol. My husband and I met pre-braces also said that my teeth look okay. But it didn't stop me from having them fixed. So I saved money and had braces! Ahhh so worth it, diba? I'm more confident now when I smile! But I might have braces again cos I didn't wear my retainers! It's more painful than braces actually! I hated it! So I threw them away! I better start saving now! Haha

    You look young to be turning 38 this year! Wow! You are beautiful inside and out. Your inner beauty radiates! <3

    1. How nice that our husbands met and fell in love with us when we had bad teeth and now we look even better now? Grabe, how swerte they are!!! =D So we really do need to wear those retainers next time!!!

      Thanks for the compliment =)

  2. Very true! I have a family full of dentists, may parents both as well. I realized when I was in college that my teeth naman were little. As in parang pang bata! So I had veneers put on! How they changed how I look!

    1. Veneers! Vince needs veneers for his bottom teeth kasi baby teeth din =) But ayaw niya kasi ang mahal-mahal-mahal!!!

  3. I had plastic surgery when I was 18, and it changed my life completely! I had a very prominent lower jaw before (or what the school bullies called 'babalu'). And yes, I was teased mercilessly for it! I looked like a crescent moon when viewed in profile. The surgeon sawed thru my lower mandible and pushed it back 1.5cm. I also had to wear braces for a short while to correct some misalignment of my teeth. I'm eternally grateful to my parents for spending for that operation. Not only did it give me confidence, it also helped me eat and talk properly. I had a very pronounced lisp before.

    Fast forward 20+ years, and I developed this habit of pushing on my front teeth with my tongue whenever I'm busy. Now I need braces again because there's this huge gap on the side, right before my molars. I think I'll schedule a visit home to get them. Braces cost something like $10,000 here!

    1. Good for you, Patricia! I think it's great that your parents supported you. Lots of people have this attitude of "just accept what God gave you" but at the same time find it really funny to bully other people for what God gave them.

      Anyway, when you do come home for your braces, let's meet up! =)

  4. i had a lot of teeth removed so my canine tooth wont protrude. but my teeth looks ugly pa din. i think i'll visit my dentist na din.

  5. Oh i thought braces are just for the youngsters. I'm turning 37 and my teeth are moving. Matutupad na ang pangarap kong braces. hahaha.

    1. My ortho said you should get braces twice—while teeth are developing in your teens and at around 30s and early 40s. Something about the jaw moving or something so teeth need to be aligned again.

  6. so pwede pa din magpa-braces at 32? :) i'll be turning 33 na this year :D

    1. Yes! Si Tom Cruise nga nagpalagay ulit ng braces when he turned 40!


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