Monday, June 01, 2015

We found our dream home... in Tagaytay

First, I need to say that my husband and I are very happy living in our condo. We're so happy here that nothing has moved us to move to anywhere else. Until we found this video from some blog link which was from a home magazine link and then now we can't stop thinking about it!

Yes, because of this video, we want to live in Tagô at Tagaytay!!!

Though at first we were wowed by the larger Ara-al design, it's the humbler Adobe house that Vince and I fell in love with. We love everything about it! Even the weird fact that they put the master's bedroom outside the house. To us, we just thought we'd convert that to our office!

Since we're writers as well as parents, it's become increasingly clear to us that we love working from home because we're with the kids 24/7 and yet we desperately need a separate space for our work. And by separate, we mean a space that isn't just set apart by a closed door. We really need to physically go out of our house and go to another building! Adobe's strange plan of placing the master's bedroom apart from the main house solves that! It's so brilliant!

The master bedroom is OUTSIDE the house. Crazy. We love it!
Since we have boys, they can all share one room upstairs
while Vince and I stay in another.

We are obsessed with Tagô. We want to live there one day. Ang mahal lang grabe. Mga 20M for such a small house in the province! And pre-selling pa yata ang price na yan huhuhu. Well, Mañosa raw kasi.

We can totally see ourselves living in Tagaytay. We don't need to live here in the capital because Vince and I both work from home. For school, there's Xavier in Nuvali. The climate is cool, the vegetables are fresh, the air is fresh! The more we think about it, the more we want to up and go!

Sigh. Just when we thought all our dreams had come true, here comes a new one. Work work work again!

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  1. it's perfect! the place looks serene

  2. True! I love the smaller Adobe house. I kinda love the idea of a separate bedroom. Something different


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