Thursday, June 09, 2016

Life changes this year with the new school year

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I talk about loving my life so much, some people have said (jokingly, I hope) that my life is either unbelievable or fabricated. First, it's all real. Second, an amazing life can be totally believable!

A huge reason why my life is so good is because my family is always together. We're ALWAYS together! My husband and I work from home. We're with our kids 24/7. When we're not togther because we have to work outside the house maybe once or twice a week, or because Vito, my first boy, was at his little preschool in our condo complex, the hours apart are so short—just 3 hours!—we hardly felt the separation.

But this year, this week, in fact, Vito started in big school. For the first time ever, as a family, we'll be dealing with daily traffic. We've been stuck in major traffic before, sure. Maybe twice or thrice a year? Traffic just never figured in our family life really so we'll be in for major adjustments (time, financial, emotional, mental!) this year. I mean, just this week, we've already dealt with traffic twice. Na-quota na kami for the year in just 4 days!!! Malaking adjustment talaga ito.

Such a big boy na! I'm so proud!
One of the biggest sources of my anxiety now that Vito is going to big school is that Vince and I are not a few steps away from him. We've always been within running distance of our kids. Now, we're not! It's so strange!

My second son, Iñigo, is also going to school for the first time next week. He's going to the preschool downstairs so, yey!, he's just downstairs. Still, Iñigo has always been attached to me and I—I hate confessing this—I suddenly can't imagine him having a world separate from me! He's my sweetheart. All my boys are, okay, but Iñigo's always been the one clutching at my arm. Next week, he won't be clutching at me anymore, and that feels very strange. I should be relieved. Instead, I'm anxious. So I guess this is what they mean about savoring the baby days, the days when the little ones drive you crazy with their neediness, because one day they grow up and then they don't really need you anymore.
He got a "Good job!" stamp! I'm so proud!

So now that Vito and Iñigo will be away, I've done a few things to assuage my mommy fears:

1. Made them memorize important info. 
Well, I'm still working on our address and phone numbers, but the boys know their full names, their parents' names, and their birthdays. This is information they must never forget!

2. Taught them which strangers they can talk to.
I never believed in stranger danger. Statistics show that some of the most dangerous people around our children are people they already know. Also, in case of trouble, I want them to know that they can approach strangers for help.

What we've done is tell them to avoid suspicious strangers. Grown-up strangers will never ask children for help, never ask them to make them feel better, and never ask them to keep secrets. Examples: "Hey, sweetheart, my dog got trapped in my car. Can you come help me get him out?" "Hey, little boy, I have candy in my house. You can come over and I'll give you some but don't tell your mommy, okay?" "Hi there, I feel so sad. If you give me a kiss, I'll feel better."

So I've told them to approach moms with kids. Vince told them to ask help from security guards. Those are safe strangers. We also taught them to trust their gut. If their tummy tells them something isn't right, run away!

3. Packed them their own care kits.
Because there's no Mama and Papa to clean them up and kiss their boo-boos away, they'll have to take care of themselves. I made them their own care kits that have the following: wet wipes and Biogenic alcohol for cleaning their hands or chairs; tissue for wiping their mouths after eating; bandages for if they get into little scrapes; and an extra change of clothes.

4. Lovingly left our presence everywhere.
I ironed their uniforms. I sewed on the name tags and tightened buttons. I labeled their things, wrapped their books in plastic. Vince carefully picked out new shoes and socks for them. He chose their lunch boxes and drinking tumblers.

I just think that if we take care of their things and the kids feel our care, even when we're not there, they'll still feel we're around. Just like how Harry Potter's mommy covered her son with her love, which protected him till Harry grew up!

5. Given them to God.
Well, despite my fictional example, only one Being can cover my kids with protection. So I pray to God to watch over my sons, to keep them from harm (Psalm 121:7), to hide them in the shadow of His wings (Psalm 57:1), to always provide a way out (I Corinthians 10:13), and to strengthen, help and uphold them (Isaiah 41:10). There are so many verses in the Bible promising protection over those that God loves and this I am sure of—God loves my children more than I could ever love them. So my fears are put to rest, I will trust in God's protection, and I will enjoy my children's new adventure!

Vito's school requires a portable care kit in a plastic envelope. Iñigo's school says we can leave his Avengers kit there.

There you go, mommies and daddies! My five steps to helping me deal with separation anxiety! It's really difficult to be away from our kids, and for me and Vince especially because we don't even have a yaya. We've always been the ones taking care of our kids. Now, suddenly, we have to entrust them to the world. It's so scary! Thank goodness we can rely on good people (like teachers, other moms, and security guards), good products (like Biogenic alcohol!), and a good God to keep our kids protected from harm.

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