Monday, June 06, 2016

Boys at work! The SalesVIPs check out Kidzania x H&M Conscious

Halloo everyone! This month's monthly update on the SalesVIP boys sees the three kiddos Vito, IƱigo and Piero visiting Kidzania for the first time. (Wait. A monthly update on my boys? Yes! Just because my readers are asking for it so let's try to do one every first Monday. Sulitin na natin habang hindi pa 6 years old si Vito!)

First thing we learned is Kidzania is pronounced as Kid-ZAH-nya. Not Kid-ZAY-nya, as we've been doing all this time. (We still actually say it incorrectly heehee.) The next thing we learned is it's a huge space fashioned to look like a small town for small people. There's a bank, a hospital, a gas station, a fire station, a newspaper office, a tax office, and lots lots lots more. It was so cute (and a bit surreal) to see all these tiny people working. I mean just look at these adorable construction workers!

We were at Kidzania to attend the launch of the program, Kids for a Greener World. It's a collaboration between H&M Conscious, Century Tuna, Shell Philippines, and Kidzania. We were specifically there to check out the Upcycling Workshop of H&M Conscious.

The workshop encourages kids to bring old clothes to donate to the program. They'll see how their clothes will be recycled. The clothes will then be cut into strips then made into new things. Vito made a bracelet.

Here are a few photos of some moms I love who were at the event with their kids:
Cosmopolitan fashion director Donna Cuna Pita with Amara and Mateo
Manila Bulletin columnist Kim Reyes-Palanca with husband Santi and son Lucas
Unilever's Agoo Bengzon and Andre
Lifestyle blogger Jenni Epperson with Aryanna and Dylan
Eat, Drink and Be Married co-host Nicole De Los Angeles with Jaime Aloncito  
Sparrow Fragrances's Cathy Cantada-Dizon with Damien
Beauty blogger Shari Macainag with Selene

If you're planning a visit to Kidzania from now up to June 15, do remind your kids to look through their closet and pick out an item they'd like to donate to the H&M Conscious Upcycling Workshop. This is right in the town center of Kidzania so you can't miss it. There they can make fabric bracelets out of their recycled clothes. It's a fun way to learn about saving the environment so do get your kids to participate. As a bonus, every kid who participates in the workshop gets a 15% discount voucher to shop for H&M Conscious clothes. H&M Conscious is a label that uses recycled fabric, a green addition to your sartorial picks!

H&M Conscious is available at all H&M stores. H&M Conscious Upcycling Workshop will be at Kidzania until June 15.

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  1. Did you see Teacher Ka? She was the one who hosted the event. :)


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