Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Make Nutella your own!

This post is brought to you by Nutella.

My kids love Nutella. Especially Vito. That's him trying to take home a giant jar of the hazelnut spread. My firstborn can eat out an entire jar if we didn't stop him. No joke. He eats Nutella sandwiches every morning—as soon as he wakes up, for second breakfast at 10, for merienda, and for just before dinner. I have had to regulate Vito's consumption of Nutella! So when Nutella asked me if I liked Nutella, I practically yelled in happiness! I like Nutella a lot, sure, but my kids LOVE it. So of course we would love to be part of the Nutella campaign!

I'm so happy to announce that I'm the brand ambassador of Nutella's super fun new campaign, #YourNutella!!!

So let's talk about #YourNutella!

1. What is this #YourNutella campaign?
Filipinos love Nutella and Nutella knows that. So this is their way to say thanks to all of us Nutella addicts by giving us the chance to have our very own Nutella jar. Yes, personalized. With our name on it!

Fabian Heymer, brand manager for Nutella Southeast Asia, says, "For many, Nutella has been a huge part of their childhood as they enjoyed the spread at breakfast... Everyone's name is unique and we are at an age when personalization is vital, just like our friendship and relationship with our fans, and we hope that our #YourNutella campaign would convey our gratitude for their support."

2. How can I get my own jar of Nutella???
Right now, the #YourNutella campaign is making the rounds of your favorite supermarkets, offering Nutella jars with pre-personalized labels. Just look for your name! For a complete schedule, please check out Nutella's Facebook page (click here).

3. Oh no! I didn't find my name! / Oh no! I missed the supermarket stop near me! So no hope for me?
There is hope! Just visit Nutella's website (click here) to create your own label. Nutella will then snail mail you your own personalized label! Make one for you, one for each kid, one for each sibling, one for your mom and dad, for your classmates, officemates, boyfriend, girlfriend, everyone!!!

4. Will a personalized jar cost more?
Nope! The specially labeled jars are still Php 279. The size available is exclusive to the 350g one, though, so if you're like my family who likes to buy the huge jars, well, no luck!

5. How can I be part of the #YourNutella campaign? 
Once you get your own jar, take a photo of it, of you and your jar, of your kids and their jars, of the whole barangay with their jars, share a story on why you love this hazelnutty-chocolatey spread, and share on Instagram. Please tag @NutellaSEA and use the hashtag #YourNutella.

I was so happy to bring Vito to the #YourNutella launch event at Glorietta Activity Center last May 14. I rarely get to bring Vito to my work (it's IƱigo and Piero I tote around) so he doesn't really know what I do. All he knows is I write. But on that day, Vito was all wonder and joy because his Mama had such a fun job. With Nutella!!!

Look at our pictures from the happy day:
While waiting for the program to start, Vito painted.
Together with the Nutella and Ferrero team, we turned on the switch for the Nutella factory!
And here are our personalized jars!
Vito lined up to create his own label.
Serious while activating the conveyor belt.
After about 5 minutes... tadaaaa!
Our own Nutella jars!
My nutty love!

Thank you, Nutella, for letting me spend time with my son. We love our personalized jars. But we all shared our Nutella—even the ones with our names on it!—because family is all about sharing, especially the stuff we love best. Like Nutella!


  1. Wow.. this is so cool! We love Nutella, could finish 1 big bottle in a day! :) Congratulations Frances! :)

  2. When I click the link it says, Sorry, this service is not active in your country.

    1. Ack! What! Lemme tell Nutella! Thanks for letting me know =)


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