Friday, June 24, 2016

Reviews, reviews!

Hi everyone! I've gone missing again! Life's been especially hectic with the kids off to school this month. We've also all gotten sick. And then I finally had my wisdom tooth and the molar beside it extracted (more on this really bloody business soon) so I've not been in a working/blogging/thinking mood at all.

But I've been receiving lots of stuff from nice brands (thank you all so very much!) and I guess I should do a few reviews. I'm not very big on doing reviews, to be honest. Three reasons:

1. Reviewing products takes so much time and effort! Like weeks and weeks. I don't know how beauty bloggers do it. You ladies have my respect.
2. Reviews are so personal. My experience may not be the same as yours. So something that I loved or hated may be something you hated or loved.
3. Some readers can be so hateful when I do reviews. Like, they tried a product or service based on my review, and they didn't get the same result. Like that time I reviewed Foot Appeal and I was so happy that my feet peeled so disgustingly to reveal perfectly baby-soft feet. Naku, si complainant, hindi raw nangyari sa paa niya so nagalit siya sa akin. As in.

That's why I'm hesitant to do reviews on my blog now.

But I did recently do a product review for the P&G community website, I did it because P&G said I'll be called one of their "Family Life Experts." Naks. Thanks! I confess that "family life expert" conjures up images of perfect housewifery. Everyday me, I must admit, is still struggling with home management. As I said before, I'm a fantabulous career woman but home manager? I'm terrible at it. But I think that doesn't invalidate me as a mother and as a woman. I'm an expert at loving my husband and children. I bet my whole life no one else in the entire world can love my husband and kids like I do. That's the only qualification one needs to be a Family Life Expert!

So back to my Everydayme review. Spoiler: I love the Oral-B Ultra Thin Toothbrush with Green Tea (my review here). I need to replace it na actually—every three months, diba?—but I can't find it in the grocery stores I shop at. It's that in-demand!

Anyway, I will be doing a couple of reviews soon on my blog. Yes, even though I'm now hesitant to do reviews. Why? Because I've really been using a lot of amazing new stuff and I want to share with my dear Loyal Readers! Plus, this happened on my Facebook page:
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So now I have to review that lash serum!

Do you like reviews, dear Loyal Readers? Is that one of the reasons why you read my blog? I'm in the process of evaluating this blogging thing I do. What should I write about, how often, stuff like that. If you have any suggestions, I hope you can tell me! Thanks so much!


  1. For me, reviews are super helpful. But as a reader, I of course know too that these reviews are personal and subjective. What may work for you, may not work for me - it is as simple as that! So please go ahead and post reviews as often as you have them. Whether or not your products will work on me - I still love love love your blog!!!

  2. Hi Frances! As a beauty blogger, I usually experience people saying they do not have the same experience as well as the for the lipsticks not getting the same look as theirs. I always say that my opinion may differ from others and that I declare my skin color/undertone. But it never stopped me in reviewing because I really wanted to share my thoughts about any product that I use. You should do more beauty related reviews, you already captured the before and after photo of the lash serum perfectly. :) Aja! :)

  3. Go go! I would love to read your reviews. Grabe naman yung nagalit, but nangyari din sakin yan, an anonymous commenter got so angry because a P39 pack oil-blotting paper didn't work out for her. LOL


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