Friday, June 09, 2017

Shopping for wallets

Back to school this week! It's the busiest time of the year (okay, the busiest one after Christmas) and just when I'm getting into the rhythm of things, I broke my foot. Literally. I'm stuck at home with my right foot swollen and throbbing. Yesterday, my two younger kids were intent on killing each other (no joke) and I ran to them to separate the critters before tragedy ensues, and in my haste, I ran into the bed post. I think my scream was heard all over our building.

So now I have a broken toe. Apparently, it's a very common injury and nothing to worry about as long as I don't use that foot. So no walking! Never mind that I have kids to settle into school and my husband is a bit annoyed at the inconvenience of a wife with a broken toe. So I'm hobbling about, in pain but not entirely in misery.

For one thing, I'm finally forced to slow down. Literally. I can't go to work. I can't go to the school. I can't do housework. I can't line up at the bank (kumusta ang mga readers ko na may BPI accounts???). So what have I been up to? I've been napping! Wow, it's soooo good to sleep. I've been watching sappy shows on Netflix and crying deliciously. I haven't brushed my hair (and my teeth hehe). I'm just eating chocolate-covered raisins while I watch TV. Oh, and while I shop online!!!

I've been needing new things, you see. New undies, new clothes, new wallet. My wallet is disintegrating. But busy working mama me syempre, I buy stuff for my kids first. But now, with nothing to do, I logged into my Zalora account (always a dangerous thing) and shopped for wallets.

I CAN'T DECIDE! Help me!

Okay, so I'm on a budget (because #workingmama) but I did find nice wallets anyway for less than P700! Hindi nga lang ako makapili because I want them all. Paktay. Check 'em out:

This is the Keisha wallet from My Everyday Fashion. Two reasons I love it: It's orange and it looks like an Hermes bag hahahahaha. Oh, oh! Third reason: It's just P699!

Here's an even cheaper orange wallet from Cava Bags. It's the Saffiano, yes, in Saffiano-like leather, which is a texture I love. I like that their logo is V, too. I love two guys whose names start with V, you see!
The pink Saffiano wallet from Cava Bags is pretty, too. Which one should I get? Pink or orange? Both are my favorite colors! It's just P599!

Now, I also want to get a gray wallet to match my Tod's D Bag. (I still get gooey inside saying that. I own a Tod's D Bag after wanting it for years!) This Emma Wallet from My Everyday Fashion is a nice and mega affordable choice at just P399. Super mura!
Another gray find is this Emily wallet from My Everyday Fashion again. It's really cheap at P349. I like that it has sooo many slots for cards.

Which one? Which one? Help me pick one!

P.S. Now, I don't need coin purses but when I saw these Pink Tequila coin purses, they made me so happy. However, I'm not buying any of these because... I dunno, because I'm 40? Ugh. I'm having a mid-life crisis where I don't know what's appropriate for my age. On one hand, I've always believed that as long as you can afford it, you should wear and buy whatever makes you happy. And yet, now that I'm matrona age, I don't know if that still applies if what makes you happy are the cutest things like these! Maybe because they're vintage-themed, I can get away with it? What do you think?

TV, P359. Because I actually know what this is. In my childhood, at midnight, the TV hangs haha. It stays colorful like this until early morning, which makes the colored bars give way to the national anthem, a prayer, a TV station manifesto, and then entertainment!

Cassette tape, P359. Because I had mixed tapes! I got one from a guy who liked me but that I didn't like but I kept his tape because I liked the music he curated for me. I made lots of mix tapes, too, waiting for the radio to play my favorite songs and getting really upset if the DJ is still talking when the song starts or when it hasn't ended! And I also like it because I'm a writer and I used to do interviews with all these tapes! I have a stack somewhere of tapes with celebrities' secrets on them. Now I have a sophisticated recording machine, but I still prefer the old recorders that used cassettes.

Brick game, P359. Because I'm really really REALLY good at Tetris. Like crazy good.

Cupcake, P369. Okay, cupcakes aren't vintage but this makes me happy because when I was a kid, I collected and traded stationery and one of my favorites was a scented pad of cupcake designs. I loved that!

Pink bottle, P359. Well, this isn't vintage-themed anymore but because I'm a mom of boys and my foot is throbbing in pain now because of said boys, this one made me gleeful. Heehee.

Okay, will mull over the items I put in my basket. Then if my foot is better tomorrow, I'll buy buy buy!


  1. I love the emma wallet. Neutral color puede kahit saan

  2. Sorry to hear about your toe. Reading it felt like i could feel the pain.. maybe hot or cold compress will help.

    The orange one from Cava bags looks pretty 😊 Easy to stuff bills when in a hurry too 😁

  3. First choice Emma Wallet then second, Keisha. Then all of the novelty wallets (oh no!) hahaha!! But I like the TV best because, yes, reminds us of the big fat TV sets from when we were young huhu!

  4. I like the keisha wallet for its style. Ok din yung emily wallet - simple and has many slots for cards. Hope your toe gets better soon.

  5. You may wish to consider buying two. One wallet with a built-in coin purse (if you do not wish to buy it separately) and even just four to six card slots. The second wallet (more like a card wallet) will just hold all your other store/discount/etc cards that you will need. I have two wallets. :) So assuming you will buy two you will need to adjust your budget per wallet.


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