Thursday, June 22, 2017

A day in my life as seen through IG Stories

Over at Instagram, there is this thing called IG Stories that I very seldom use. I don't understand the point of taking snaps and videos of one's life and then those will be automatically deleted in 24 hours. Whyyyy???

But while I was chatting with social media star Camille Co for our shoot, she said that IG Stories are important because you remind people of your presence. Because of Instagram's new algorithm, your posts don't show up on people's feeds anymore. They prioritize business profiles, for example, because those accounts are more likely to pay for ads or to show up more on your feed. But a way to get around that is IG Stories. Every time you do an IG Story, your profile pic shows up on the top of the app. So people see you now!

I see! So I tried it for one day. Here's a day in my life:
Early in the morning, I brought Vito to school. It's my husband who usually does this but since our car is color-coded that day, I brought Vito instead.
I didn't want to get an Uber back home (P400 for a few kilometers are you kidding me???). But since it was rush hour, I couldn't get a taxi or a bus either. So I took the jeep to the nearest mall. And shopped haha. I don't do this every day, okay? This was an anomaly!

At 10am, it was no longer rush hour and I was able to book an Uber. The fare now was no longer insane. And I was able to read my new magazine in the car. Was really inspired by this 44-year-old mommy who took charge of her health!

At home, I had to get the next son ready for school. Good thing I didn't have to worry about lunch because of Harvest Family Comfort Meals. I've been availing of this meal delivery service for over two months now. What a lifesaver for working mamas like me! I'll blog about them next week!

Bringing my Iñigo to school now! Isn't he a cutie? Again, it's Vince who usually brings the kids to school so this was my first time to do this. I was so shocked because he had a tantrum when I dropped him off. He doesn't get upset when Vince drops him off. So even though we got to school early, he was still late because he refused to go inside. Vince and I figured that our little kindergartener got separation anxiety when I took him to school.

Okay, at this point, I just stayed near the boys' school because I was getting Vito in a couple of hours. I also did this last year. I usually spend the time waiting getting my nails done, shopping, or more likely working. I'm always working! I wrote two articles while I waited for Vito to be dismissed.

And here he is! We super love waiting at the gas station near their school. It's nice because it's surrounded by trees and they have really good cheap pizza. Yum! We don't go home yet because we have to wait for Iñigo. We spend this time doing activities. We've done making our own comic strips and listing down our bucket lists and deepest fears. We also do homework. But we mostly chat and I also let him play with the other kids from school.

Iñigo is out and we're off for home!

At home, I get ready to cook dinner. This is Iñigo helping me unpack my new Oster ceramic pots and pans that I got from the Landers anniversary sale. I got red because it's his favorite color and he's the one who likes to cook.

After this was dinner, then a little TV, then bedtime. Good night! 

And that was one day! My days change every day. Depends on whether I have events or meetings, but this one day I posted on IG Stories was a good day. I don't think I can do IG Stories again, though. It is so hard! I found myself thinking that my day wasn't interesting enough, which is ridiculous. My days are not fascinating at all and that's okay because I'm a mommy. Mommies already have so much to do! I will admit this was an interesting exercise but I don't think I'll do it again!

How about you? Do you like IG Stories? Who's your favorite IG people to follow? I need to be inspired haha

P.S. Here's another good reason why you should do IG Stories:

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  1. Haha! Looks fun to do! I'll make one also! (Nainspire ako!) :) but yeah, i use IG stories, too! :)


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