Friday, June 30, 2017

The delightful Vanilla Cupcake Bakery at Kamiseta Hotel

For our 10th wedding anniversary and the 18th anniversary of when Vince and I fell in love, Kamiseta Hotel Baguio was so sweet to offer us a delicious lunch at their charming boutique hotel. It's such an exquisite hotel! Pictures don't do it any justice (although these ones on Real Living are gorgeous!) It's so much more glitzy and kitschy and glorious and delightful in real life. So if you're ever off to Baguio, do book a stay there. Or just have a meal at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, like we did. And what a meal it was!

Here we are at the iconic blue doors to the Kamiseta Hotel. It also sports the logo of beribboned K's. You will see this logo everywhere (and I mean they went overboard), but allergic-to-logos me didn't mind at all. I guess because it looks like a ribbon so it wasn't tacky.

Here's the receiving area. As I said, pictures do it no justice. Especially this one haha.

Kamiseta Hotel used to be a heritage home so do expect that it will look and feel like a house. There's no lobby, for example. But I loved that it felt so homey. I thought it was lovely that every detail of the hotel spoke volumes of the love poured into this hotel. It's near Wright Park in Camp John Hay. Down a very quiet street. It's so beautiful, I want to live there. Rooms are small but so sumptuously decorated. I think I'll need to wait for a time the boys can stay in their own room, though. But definitely I want to go back and stay here for a night or two!

Another family photo proving that family photos are the craziest photos ever. It's a good thing this was taken in a magnificent setting. Hindi sayang hahaha

Count the logos! It reminded me of how I was when we went to Disneyland and I played a game of "Spot the Hidden Mickey." At Kamiseta Hotel, you'll have fun spotting the logo, too!

On to lunch! Kamiseta Hotel has just one restaurant, which is the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. It's so pretty! I want to throw a party here. Maybe I will. Dear Lord, please make this possible!

You can tell every piece was carefully picked and designed. The chairs and tables don't match but that makes the decor so eclectic.

We chose a table outside in the back, on the terrace that overlooks a small but lush garden, which then turns into a view of the mountains. We may have gone there at high noon but because of the cool weather, it was so pleasant to just sit there, enjoying the breeze and the view.

But the big reason why we chose to eat al fresco is because we have three little super likot boys who needed to run around while we waited for our delicious lunch!

First order of business for me was coffee. The coffee in Le Monet Hotel where we stayed was so awful. Just awful. So I'm soooo glad the coffee here in Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is good.

For Vince, Thai bagoong rice. Vince says it was very good. Tasted like Thai bagoong rice but appeals to panlasang Pinoy.

For me, porkchops with peppercorn gravy. Very good dish. That gravy makes it special. The fresh vegetables were sooo good, I wish they'd add more! Piero and I shared this dish. Yum!

For Vito: chicken tocino. This was tender and juicy, and tasted really great with the crunchy vegetables with pesto.

Iñigo had spaghetti bolognese and fried chicken. I forgot to take a photo! It was really good spaghetti and the chicken was crispy and tasty, too. Fantastic meal!

On to dessert! We had cupcakes, of course.

Red velvet. 

Oh, we had such a good time! My boys loved Kamiseta Hotel and Vanilla Cupcake Bakery sooo much!

And here they are, waiting for their Papa to drive up that gravel driveway to pick them up, full of good food and mountain air and ready to go back home to Manila!

To book a stay at Kamiseta Hotels, click here.

Thanks, Kamiseta Hotel and Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, for celebrating our anniversary! We'll be back for more!

And that concludes our wonderful Baguio trip! I have a gazillion more photos! Thanks for coming along this last week and celebrating with my family. I have more summer adventures to tell you. Stay tuned, dear Loyal Readers!

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