Thursday, June 15, 2017

Found extraordinary gifts for our Papa Vince!

I just bought my husband his Father's Day gifts. Yes, plural. It's very easy to please Vince since 18 years together taught me what to get him. LEGOs, top quality candy, books, and video games. This year, because he specifically gave me a list, it was even easier to shop! Thanks, babe!

So I'm done with the upcoming event this weekend, but because of my broken toe, I've been surfing the internet more than usual and discovered this lovely shopping site for charming personalized gifts—Gifts Less Ordinary. Here's what I think Vince might like (aside from LEGOs, top quality candy, books, and video games, of course!)

A men's wallet from Maxwell Scott Bags because Vince loves Italian leather. And money hahaha

As long as we're talking about Italian leather, look at this gorgeous leather travel bag also from Maxwell Scott Bags! I know Vince will love this because he's told me many times he wants a leather duffel bag for when we travel.

For his beloved watch which he likes to wind up every day like a Zen habit, how about this watch box from Life of Riley? Understated elegance.

Because my writer husband likes to read novels to feed his massive brain, these silver bookmarks from Highland Angel will forever be treasured. Plus, since Vince gets lost in his fictional worlds, these bookmarks will remind him to come back to us!

Okay, I don't know if he'll like this really but my husband sure loves sweet stuff and it'll be nice when he uses this Best Daddy in the World vintage dessert spoon from La de da! Living when he digs into cake and ice cream!

Now this! This he'll love. Because my hubby likes his beer, a "Cheers to Beers" pint glass from Becky Broome. Woah, a pint! Reminds me of hobbits!

That's just a few of the fun and fabulous personalized finds for my dearest darling Vince, the best papa in all the world, that I found at! But since I already got him gifts, I'm now browsing the gift selections for ladies and babies!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing daddies everywhere!

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