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Review: Flawless Thermolift + 1 month after treatment

I'm 40 years old and while I like to think I look good for a middle-aged mama, I know I definitely am a middle-aged mama. I like my laugh lines, how my eyes crinkle at the edges when I smile. What I don't like? My jowl. I now have a double chin!!! It comes with getting older, I know, I know, but I want my jaw back!

Funny because when I was super young and skinny, I also didn't like my jaw because I have a long face so some people called me "mukhang mangga." Coupled with my huge teeth, I was also called "mukhang kabayo." People are cruel, I've long accepted that.

As I grew older and put on weight, my face widened and so my face didn't look so elongated anymore. Plus, braces fixed my teeth so hindi na ako mukhang kabayo. Then I hit my 40s and my jaw softened, my chin doubled, and... Oh well. Ganyan talaga pag tumatanda. Collagen, which is what makes skin look plump and young, and elastin, which is what keeps skin nice and tight, these break down with age and that's why bumabagsak ang face and neck, boobs, tummy, basically lahat. Ganyan talaga!

As I hit my mid-30s, I started using anti-aging skin care. Now, it is always good to have a good skin care regimen, okay? But skin care products don't really get to the structure underneath. So at my ripe old age of 40 (hahaha), I began looking at treatments that will address that concern. Ayoko kasi magpa-face lift, no. So habang hindi pa bagsak ang fez ko, asikasuhin na natin ang potential/developing concerns!

So when I heard about the Thermolift therapy from Flawless, I looked it up. Thermolift is non-invasive radio-frequency heat therapy. That means no surgery, no injections. I like that very much! I'm so scared of surgery!

Thermolift uses radio frequency waves to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. This heat stimulates and remodels collagen production, which results to firm and bouncy skin again and a contoured face. Hooray!

At the Megamall clinic of Flawless, I met with the resident dermatologist. She looked at my face and she said na okay pa naman ako. In fact, what she wanted to treat first was my acne scars. But since I was there to try Thermolift, she said that while my face was still young-looking for a 40-year-old woman, the skin on my cheeks and jaw area have started to sag. Started pa lang naman so hindi pa issue, but she agreed that prevention is better than cure so I was whisked off to a private room to get prepped for my first ever Thermolift therapy!

Grid lines are applied on the treatment areas to guide the doctor.

My eyes are red because I was crying na. It was painful! Next time I do this, I'm asking for topical anaesthesia.

The derma used setting #3 on me. A higher setting of 4 and above will give you more visible results but the derma said it's my first time so she wanted to know what my pain threshold is. Also, hindi pa naman daw masyado slackened ang jaw and chin ko so kaya pa ng lower setting. So ang ginawa na lang niya is lower setting but she passed the Thermolift wand several times.

Masakit siya huhu as in umiyak ako sa sakit. As in, after she did one side, I wanted to go home! But after she did one side, I really felt my chin and cheek tightened. I FELT IT! So the nurse brought out a mirror so I can see for myself. See above. Jaw bone now visible. Cheek tightened. As you can see, I'm also red, but that's all the redness that will happen. Hindi ka masusunog. After my session, nag-shopping pa nga ako sa Megamall!

So let's look at my face immediately after my Thermolift! Here's the before-and-after photos:

Kita niyo ba ang difference??? I know it's ever so slight. That's because I don't really have a huge problem yet with sagging cheeks, slackened jaw and double chin. But, ako mismo, nakita ko and naramdaman ko na may difference talaga.

And here's what I look like now:
Sharper jawline
No double chin

It's been a month after my Thermolift and I can say that it really works. I want to do this every 6 months!!! Thermolift starts at P14,000, though, so dapat may budget. The fee will also be determined by how large the area to be treated is. So in my case, jawline lang. Next time, I want to include my cheeks, mouth area, and neck.

If you want to try Thermolift at Flawless, the treatment is available only at the Megamall and Eastwood clinics. Also, it will be good to set an appointment first so that the dermatologist can look at your face and see if it's Thermolift you really need. Kasi may ibang treatments pa ang Flawless that address sagging skin (like Acculift), so you want to explore your options first. In my case, I know Thermolift is my preferred skin-lifting and facial-contouring treatment!

I'm so happy I chose Flawless to take care of my skin. For more promos and information, visit the Flawless websitelike them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram (@myflawless).

This post is brought to you by Flawless Face & Body Clinic. 

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  1. You look beautiful even before the procedure!
    I have the same problem and have been considering having my chin and cheeks done but not sure if I want the acculift or thermalift. I don't like pain and needles though. Also I have a pacemaker so I worry if the machines used will affect my device.
    How many sessions have you had? Did you do this regularly? Bumabalik ba sa dati if you don't?


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