Saturday, September 16, 2017

What I saw at the Metro Sidewalk Sale

It was my first time to visit a Metro Department Store ever and, boy oh boy, did I find a lot of goodies!

I was at BGC yesterday to get a check and because it's payday Friday pala (when you're a freelancer, you forget kinsenas), ang traffic! So nagpalamig muna ako ng ulo sa Market! Market! and sa kakaikot ko, naakit ako ng mga posters that said there's a big Sidewalk Sale sa Metro Department Store. I'm so lucky, mamas, because apparently Metro Malls all over the country have this sale once a year only and I happened to drop by on the first day!

Ang dami kong gustong bilhin, mamas!!! Look look look!

For the mama looking to spruce up her home:
Kitchen and storage stuff!
Bedsheets and towels and linens!
P2,099 for the biggest tree! What!
These are absolutely gorgeous colored vases and jars.
If you don't like colored glass, here's a collection for you.
This is the most beautiful thing and it's only P500!
I really really REALLY want these garden stools...
... especially these two!
Two-in-one: a divider and a shelf. Yes, you can remove the shelves!

For the mamas who want to update their wardrobe:

And because I'm a mama who needs to shop for new clothes for my boys because they are growing up so fast!
For their newfound interest in swimming 
Shorts and shirts and pants! 
Also, these super fun play tents for a steal!
Coloring sets that come out at P74.50 each!
A bike for Piero for only P2,800!
Because my family loves Adventure Time
The latest trend in athleisure shoes - woven material - for matching parent-and-kid OOTDs
And my most favorite must-buy: superhero-themed shoes!

Gosh, I miss doing posts like this! Just me taking random pics and writing random stuff and you and me having silly fun. But silly or not, blogging takes time. There was once a time when I had time, you know? Now, my days are a blur of fixing breakfast, preparing baon, doing the laundry, helping with homework, fixing lunch, attending meetings, meeting (missing) deadlines, picking up the boys from school, more homework, more meal preparation, bedtime stories (or bedtime tantrums from me), then exhausted sleep.

I'm not complaining, mamas. Now that the kids are in big school, I have found pockets of time for a mani-pedi, a haircut, a massage, and books. I'm finally coming up for air, and it is glorious. I am too near the infant-and-toddler years to miss those heart-warming yet soul-sapping and mind-numbing years. Right now I'm just excited about the hour or two I find for myself.

And yesterday, because of the traffic and the impossibility of getting a cab and an Uber, I found two hours to while away at window shopping. I had fun! I'm going back this morning because my husband approved of some of my picks for the kids and so I'm shopping today!!! Why??? Because I just found out from another mommy who was also at Metro yesterday that there is a BIG RAFFLE OF APPLE GADGETS!!! Because I need a new phone, I hope I win one of the six 32gb iPhone 7 phones they're giving away, although I'll also be happy if I win one of the six 32gb Apple TV, too!

If you're near a Metro Mall, drop by for their fabulous Sidewalk Sale! Everything is on sale and only this weekend! Up to 50% off, mamas! And hindi lang sa department store—pati yung supermarket on sale din pala so grocery items are now even more affordable! Me, I'm going there for the kiddie stuff talaga. I'll do another blog post showing you what I got. So if you see me, say hi!

For more information on The Metro Sidewalk Sale, please visit You can also like their Facebook page and follow their Instagram handle

This post is brought to you by Metro Retail Stores Group.

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  1. Nicey ng colored glass! Kailangan mataas ang EQ pagpasok palang kung hindi gasgas ang credit card haha!


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