Friday, September 01, 2017

Family fun biking at Emerald Ave on Sundays!

Happy weekend, mamas! What my boys like to do on weekends is play video games, watch movies, and go biking on their RoyalBaby bikes.

Now, biking in this city is not easy when you have three little kiddos. There are no real bike lanes, for example. The bike lanes that we do have are actually either part of the sidewalk or part of the street. Very dangerous. So we were happy to find out that on Sundays, Ortigas Center closes off F. Ortigas Jr. Ave (or Emerald Ave to us oldies), and people can jog, walk their dogs, skate, and bike throughout its whole stretch.

So for a few Sundays now, when the weather allows, we pack the kids and their new fantabulous and amazing RoyalBaby bikes into the car and go to Emerald Ave to bike!

Vito and Iñigo are very new to biking. Their first time to ride one was just this summer, when we went to Baguio and rented those cheap bikes at Burnham Park. They loved it and so my husband Vince and I decided we'll get the boys bikes.

RoyalBaby bikes are good for beginner bikers because its weight (it's heavier than other bikes) and wide tires make it feel more stable. Well, the bikes also come with training wheels so no need to worry about the kids toppling over yet!

It's also easy to mount it because the frame is lower, so little legs have an easier time stepping over. The seat height is also easily adjustable, to accommodate growing legs. The seat also has a handle, which makes it easier to lift into the car or for us parents to guide and push the kids.

We're so excited for the day when we can remove the training wheels! Right now, the boys are still biking slowly. We yell at them, "Go faster!" Speed helps with learning balance. But I'm going to be patient with my boys. I learned to ride a bike at 7 years old and I never needed training wheels—just an irresponsible adult who pushed me downhill and I had to choose between pedal or die.

More things we like about the RoyalBaby bikes: the chain is fully enclosed, which means  no oil splatters and no pants hem getting stuck in the chain; and a water bottle holder (water bottle included). All accessories are included actually—lights, bell, training wheels, water bottle, and decorative stickers. Really good buy!

And what does the littlest brother do while his brothers go biking? Well, he plays with the dogs trotting around on Emerald, and there's a lot of those pooches. All shapes, all sizes! There are cats, too, but they're not pets. But they're used to humans so they allow us pet them.

It's fun letting Piero run around and indulge his love for animals. But as soon as he sees one of his brothers resting from biking, he climbs up on the vacant bike and gives it a go. The RoyalBaby bike is meant to be for kids aged 5-8 years, but this doesn't matter to my 3-year-old Mr P! He likes biking so much that Vince and I have decided to buy him his very own bike.

Anyway, if you want to go biking at Emerald on Sundays but you don't have a bike, there are bikes for rent at the postal office. These bikes are old, rusty, squeaky, and the chains need a generous application of oil because it is so hard to pedal them—those chains barely move! The rentals arrive at 10am, too, so if you plan to go biking early, well, best to BYOB (bring your own bike!).

We got our RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle bikes a few weeks ago. Thanks so much, RoyalBaby! We love the bikes soooo much!

They came in huge boxes—a blue bike for Vito and a red one for Iñigo. The boys had fun helping their Papa assemble their bikes.

By the time they finished assembling the bikes, it was night time, but that didn't stop the boys from testing them out. So Vince raised the back wheels and let the kids have a go with pedalling. Piero kept asking, "Where's my bike?"

We explained that the RoyalBaby bikes are for kids 5 years and up, but being the stubborn little boy that he is, he mounted the blue bikes and proved that he's perfectly capable of riding a RoyalBaby bike. So we're now going to buy him one!

Mamas, if you're looking for a great bike for your kids, do check out the RoyalBaby bikes. If you have Instagram, you can see the bikes they have on @royalbabyph and @chaseractionsports. You can then get the bikes at the following stores: Chaser Action Sports at Glorietta 3 and Mall of Asia, and Toy Kingdom SM Megamall, SM Aura, and Virramall.

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  1. Ang saya! I learned to bike in the province where there weren't many big cars about. So glad for your boys to find a nearby place where they can freely learn to ride their bicycles!

    Medyo huminto ang puso ko with that photo of Piero holding a turning bicycle wheel! Oh, his little fingers! I'm so praning like that haha!


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