Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Three sons is great thank you very much

Yo, I came out very quickly from blogger hibernation because someone slid into my DMs to say, "Kawawa ka naman puros lalaki mga anak mo." Girl, bless your heart, pero hindi ako kawawa. I am already so blessed to be a mother of one amazing, gorgeous, smart, healthy son. Na-times three pa! Sinong panalo? Sino???

Sinong pikon also haha

Pero nakakapikon talaga, ha. I was too suffocated with babyhood to have bothered before but, hey, I'm gonna make patol now. Why? Because this is not the first time this has happened! Piero wasn't even born yet and people have plagued me with this! Whenever people find out I have three boys, they get this look on their face, like, "Oh dear. Poor you."

Don't give me that look. Yes, I have a hard time with motherhood not because of the gender of my kids but because I'm a working mom, I have two (sometimes three) jobs, I have no household help, and no family around to help save my sanity. I may look kawawa kasi pagod na pagod ako at may losyang vibes na BUT I don't feel sad for having sons. Are you kidding me? I'm surrounded by three beautiful boys every day!

Three handsome boys all in a row. I mean, the world is always a better place when amazing brothers band together to rule it. Just look at these examples:

The Stark Brothers: Jon, Bran, Robb
Okay, technically Jon is their cousin but he was raised as their brother so don't fight me. And, yes, we will conveniently forget real brother Rikkon who was murdered by Ramsey. But just look at this photo from the first season of Game of Thrones! Who'd have thought they'd all become kings one day?

The Kennedy Brothers: John, Robert, Teddy
Yes, we'll do real life now. Yes, two weren't very good at staying alive and the last one wasn't very good at staying out of trouble but they did change US history and for three sons in one family to do that is pretty darn awesome.

The Hansons: Taylor, Zac and Isaac
Dreamy, can play music, can sing, knows a lot about art history, good looking, are amazing husbands and fathers. Perfect!

The Hemsworth Brothers: Liam, Chris and Luke
All three are successful actors (Westworld fans will recognize eldest bro Luke). They're easy on the eyes, too.

The Jonas Brothers: Nick, Joe, Kevin
Famous all over the world for being a pop sensation and for marrying strong and independent women.

The Sales VIPs
Best boys in this list! I can't even imagine what amazing things they'll do! I bet they'll be legendary. My mommy heart says so!

Mother of men. That's me!

I think having daughters is probably amazing, too. I say "probably" only because it's not my experience. I bet moms of daughters think they're the luckiest mommies, too. I'm super happy really. I seriously don't spend my days pining away for a little girl (sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, hindi talaga haha). Neither do I go around looking at moms of all girls and saying, "Kawawa ka naman." Loko ka. I think having kids of any number and any gender is a gift! So stop it and just congratulate me for being blessed three times over. Mwah!

"Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them." Psalm 127: 3-5a


  1. I always tell mg mommy friends who have all boys, na reynang reyna sila, nag-iisang babae sa tahanan. Congratulations on your 3 beautiful boys. Baby boys are love!!! ☺️ Hay some people are so petty and insensitive talaga!

  2. Hala sino nagsabi, bad term ng kawawa kaloka! You are so happy with boys and hey ang gwapo nila! ❤️
    Medyo challenging ang journey pero sarap kaya sa feels😊
    I'll go for Hemsworth brothers and Sales Vips👏

  3. I always get that with my two girls---"walang magdadala ng pangalan nyo", "ayaw mo ba ng boys?". If I had them when I was a little bit younger, I might consider, but I am now 40, my second daughter is 2, we're almost out of that "walang tulugan" period, so I'm ok na. My husband feels the same way too. Also, wala kaming family sa NZ to help take care of the girls, I don't want to go back to being a SAHM right now. I just don't get why people think you have to have a boy and a girl.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! I can't help but laugh at this because I can SOOOOO RELATE! I have 5 boys and 1 girl and people pop their eyes out and drop their jaws when they find out, as in! The number kind of softens the “poor you!” comments into a look. You know the look that says they're suddenly miserably tired and exasperated. Para bang they can't take in the idea of that many kids, understandably though because those of us in the know (working mothers, especially the 24/7 house goddesses like me) KNOW the amount of work raising kids entail. I don't harbor vitriol for those people naman because IT IS HARD! Nothing ever stays done! There's always a party level amount of prepping, cooking, washing and tidying up --- everyday! Teaching them about everything is another biiig challenge, from how traffic lights work to seldom used tagalog words, man, drains the life out of me sometimes BUUUUUT at night when it's quiet na and I look at them and realize the kind of persons my kids have become, their interests, personalities and ahem! good looks, I am soooo thankful I had them. Kawawa nga ba tayo? Maybe in terms of work (and lack of rest) yes, but when it's time to face God I think we will have lots of credit for doing the hardest things well.
    Same as your Reyes VIPs, my boys will be gentlemen christians in the future, I will wear my hands out to make that happen. Later, there will be 8 women out there who will have our sons as MEN, real MEN who deserve their love and sacrifice, because their mamas taught them well.
    And my little girl?
    She will rule the world. ��


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