Monday, September 16, 2019

My kids loved Harry Potter in Concert!

My kids had such a wonderful treat this weekend. We got to watch Harry Potter in Concert! It's like watching the movie but with a real orchestra playing the music. Yes, a real live orchestra accompanying the movie. They played the entire musical score from opening scene up to the end credits! It was fantastic!

My kids just discovered Harry Potter this year. We're now reading Prisoner of Azkaban. It's slow work but I guess that's better kasi nasasamsam talaga nila lahat ng details. Reading Harry Potter aloud to the kids is very tiring (their Papa does most of the work) but it's nice to revisit one of my favorite stories with three of my most favorite people in the world. Imagine watching it on the big screen with a live musical performance! We had such a fabulous time and it was also so nice seeing my other mommy friends at the Theater at Solaire!

Me with my little Harry!
Aliza Apostol
Marie Field-Faith
Kat Maderazo
Harry Potter in Concert is produced by CC: Concepts, a really young music production company with a mission to make music mainstream. I like that they chose Harry Potter because its fan base is kids. It's good to introduce orchestra music to young children. My father, grandfather, and my grade school music teacher did that to me and I developed a liking to identifying instruments while listening to classical music.

It sounds hoity-toity but it's not really. I think it made me smarter and calmer. More human. I'm not like my husband who can identify composers and symphonies and operas at a drop of a hat. He's obviously more sophisticated than I am, but we share the same love for music and how it sweeps through the soul. I think every human being should know how that feels, and if we start our kids young on a steady diet of music, it will strengthen their mind and soul. I really believe this!

I should apply it more, though. I'm always too busy to be more mindful of my kids' music education. But Harry Potter in Concert was a great experience for them. They loved hearing the music live. The performance was actually so good, the kids didn't realize the music was actually being performed right in front of them. Fantastic job to conductor Gerard Salonga and the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra!


And congratulations to CC: Concepts for such a successful show. Please produce all 8 movies please! Then do a Disney one, too. And Avengers. And Star Wars. And Lord of the Rings!!! Omigosh, please do Lord of the Rings!!!

For upcoming CC: Concepts shows, please visit their Facebook page.

*mommy-and-kids photos from CC: Concepts Facebook page.


  1. ang nice at lucky naman, so cute naka costume din talaga 😍
    Am such a Lord of the Rings fan, as in walang mintis un Haha

  2. wow, that looks amazing and I can almost imagine the sounds (to be amazing too)! sayang it was two days lang pala. Glad your kids loved it Ms. Frances!


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