Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Review (book): "Snippets of Sanity" by Kaycee Enerva

Hello, mamas! Feeling like you need to breathe in the middle of this busy week? Well, between juggling the household chores, the job(s), the bills, the friends, the husband, and the kids, we're always hoping for a break so that we don't break. 

That's why this week's book review feature is Snippets of Sanity: On Mental Health and Motherhood by Kaycee Enerva. This is a short book, only 5 chapters long. I finished it in one sitting, so if you're a busy mom, you can definitely find time to squeeze this book in.

Kaycee is the blogger behind The Macho Mom. If you follow her on social media, she posts about her life as a single mom, her fitness routines, and her mental health advocacy. She's very bold and honest and raw in everything she says. That's why I like her. She's real. No lies detected!

Her book, Snippets of Sanity, is all about how her bipolar disorder affects everything in her life - her work, her relationships, most especially how she mothers her only child, Geof. You don't have to be bipolar to relate to Kaycee. As mothers, we are responsible for way too much and do too many things. It's tough. 

Kaycee's book made me realize something, too. Because she's diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she's very aware of her behavior, her emotions, of what she can do. She has to or else she might succumb to her symptoms and everything in her life will be affected. Most of us moms, we're like trains. We chug along. Or, what's that positivity word? We POWER THROUGH. Even when we're exhausted, we don't acknowledge our state and our emotions. We don't ask for help. Everything's okay. And then we snap. Or break.  

Reading Snippets of Sanity showed me how it's totally okay to admit you can't do it all, that you have needs, that you make mistakes, that you should tell your kids you're a flawed human being, and to ask for help. Kaycee shows us it's okay to not be perfect, even though we all want to be perfect.

It's hard to raise a parent - the parent being us!

I think all of us - moms or not, mentally well or not - all of us can learn a thing or two from Kaycee and her book. My takeaways are: Be honest with yourself and with others. Be kind to yourself most of all.  

Snippets of Sanity: On Mental Health and Motherhood by Kaycee Enerva is only USD 2.99 on Amazon Kindle and USD 7 for the paperback. Find more stories by Kaycee on her blog The Macho Mom!

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  1. Waaa Frances! Thank you for reading and reviewing my itty bitty boom :)

  2. I'm sure that mommies can learn a lot of things from this SNIPPETS OF SANITY. We are not perfect, we can't do all things, we have our own flaws and we have to understand it. Every human is beautiful in their own way. I really like your review about this Snippets of Sanity. Waiting for more reviews like this.

  3. Yes, the truth is we can't do it all, we all have our limitations and we all need help. Good book to read to help us see ourselves, our conditions and how it affects our relationship with others and especially as a parent.

  4. What a nice Kind of Book by One of the Best Mommy Blogger and Influencer, truly This Kind of Book was so Really helpful for all the mommies or for all the parents out theres dahil talagang MaIinspire Ka, Dahil tunay na makikita at mababasa mo dito How's mommy Kaycee always fighting for all the trials na Dumating sa Buhay Nia since Dumating sa buhay Nia So Geof.. Kaya mas lalong nakakaExcite basahin ang book na to...

  5. Worth it to read .. Sobrang ganda pong basahin itong kwento na ito.. Yess true po Ok lang naman po aminin na hindi natin kayang gawin lahat, na meron tayong pangangailangan Hindi rin naman kasi tayo perpekto. At wala rin namang taong perpekto.. 💯


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