Monday, April 11, 2022

The kids are vaccinated!

My boys are finally vaccinated from COVID! They got their first dose of the COVID vaccine last month and they're scheduled to get their second dose next week. This means that in May, we can start venturing out into the world! It's been 2 years and 2 months in quarantine, save for a weekend in the mountains, and while we loved staying indoors, even introverted me knew my boys needed to interact with other people. And when they're fully vaxxed, they finally can!

Here are photos from their first dose:

There are more steps with the kids vs when I got vaxxed. When it was the adults, we registered, got interviewed by the doctor, then got vaxxed. So I'll make kwento the steps my kids went through.

Step 1: Register. I have 3 kids. So sumakit kamay ko filling out all the forms hehe. Bring their birth certificates and then your ID. And then xerox copy rin ng mga documents na ito as proof na ikaw ang parent. Kung taga-Mandaluyong ka, you need the household code of your Mandavax registration (register here).

Step 2: Kids get interviewed, part 1. Tatanungin lang sila kung sino kasama nila and if aware sila na magpapabakuna sila. Then they get weighed and have their height measured. 

Step 3: Kids get interviewed, part 2. This time, it's a doctor who checks their fact sheet and confirms the details there (may hika? may sipon? may ubo? etc). Again, tatlo anak ko so isa-isa sila because ako talaga ang ini-interview. So mas nakakatagal yung process kasi kahit na tatlo or apat yung doctors na available, we still went one by one. But di naman issue kasi mabilis yung process plus may TV to entertain the kids. 

Step 4: Here we go! Bakuna time! Super efficient, super bait, super fast! I truly appreciate all the care the medical staff poured on the kids. Thank you so much for taking care of my boys!

Hindi raw masakit. He was just obeying what they told him to do, "Close your eyes, baby!"

We are SO HAPPY they got their first dose! Mas nakahinga ako nang maayos. Hindi pa sila tapos, of course. One more jab soon and then relief. I've been highly strung about COVID for 2 years now and then my husband and eldest boy got infected despite our precautions! Mukhang wala talaga tayong escape. Kaloka.

A vaccine doesn't prevent a COVID infection but it does drastically increase their chance to fight the virus. They will likely not get seriously sick, be hospitalized, or die. As I keep saying, all we need is a fighting chance and now we have it!

Step 5: Waiting time. Fifteen minutes just to make sure the kids are near emergency services in case they have an adverse reaction to the vaccine. See that area in the back of the room screened off? That's where the emergency care is, just in case. Thankfully, wala namang nangyari. So the kids were kinda bored waiting. May TV din dito pero they were showing local government stuff so obviously hindi interesado ang mga bata.

Step 6: Talk with the doctor. This is just a quick chat where the doctor asks how they feel and tells them what to expect. Really fast. 

And that was it! We were done in less than 2 hours. If isa lang anak mo, malamang mas mabilis pa. It was a very pleasant experience. Thanks so much to Podium Mall for making the COVID vaccination of our kids a great time. 

Of course, even though we as a family will be fully vaxxed, we'll still be careful. We'll wear our masks and practice social distancing. 

Get your kids vaxxed, too! Hopefully, the pandemic will end soon and a fully vaxxed population is the best way to get there. We're looking forward to joining the world again! Have a great week everyone. Stay safe!

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