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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Singin' in the rain, Take 2

I had wanted to buy the Loeffler Randall rain boot last year and then just as I was about to, I found out I was pregnant and all thoughts of boots went out the window. Until last week when, for the first time in a good long while, I waded through flood waters.

I walk to work so I do need a good rain shoe. My Melissa flats serves me well but because it's a shocking turquoise, the sartorial choices are pretty limited. So back I went to the Loeffler Randall site and found that now I want this gorgeous taupe boot instead:

I took a poll on Twitter and Facebook and everyone agreed that the taupe is a better choice. Plus, it's on sale! So from $195, it's now $136!

And then I found these photos from A Purl Soho and Weardrobe and they just did it for me.

Make sure you visit their blogs because they show more ways to wear the taupe boot!

So there. I'm buying myself rain boots!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What's happening over at Beauty For A Living?

Well, I saw some old friends like JR Isaac at shu uemura's artsy party...

... and I'm absolutely loving Melissa Shoes' new model!

Check out my beauty blog, girls. I've finally decided to resurrect it with exciting fashion and beauty news, glam events I attend, stuff I actually use, and product reviews. I'm only posting products I like, however. Can't do any negative reviews apparently since I'm not supposed to bite the hand that feeds me. So if I feature it on Beauty For A Living, you can be sure that the product is so good, I love it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My feet love Melissa!

I've been ignoring Melissa for some time now because I thought it was just a prettier kind of Crocs. Crocs are kinda ugly and I dunno why people pair them with everything from jeans and shorts to dresses and nurse uniforms. Well, ya they're comfy but your feet get sweaty and icky after a while. Is that why some people wear them with socks? Negative style points! So even though some really stylish ladies have begun raving about Melissa, I chose to ignore.

And then I found out that crazy funky cool designer Vivienne Westwood designed a line for Melissa. Of course I had to check it out.
This smells soooo good!
Designer flats!
Super comfy and cool. No icky sweaty feeling!
It may be plastic but it sure is fantastic!
I super love my Vivienne Westwood + Melissa ballerina flats! I am totally regretting not checking out Melissa now. Of course, now I am. Their online store is super cool. Super cool! It's so not good for me and my PayPal account!!! I want them all! And it's free shipping! Okay. Must. Close. Computer. Now!

A note on usage: I just had to add this because of my last few words up there. It's very Pinoy to say "close the light/TV/computer" when the correct term is "turn off the light/TV/computer." I don't correct people when they say the former because I think it's a Pinoy terminology. It's really not supposed to be proper English. It's like saying, "Did you eat already?" when it should be "Have you already eaten?", or "officemate" when it should be "colleague" or "co-worker." But since we Pinoys get it, I guess it isn't really wrong. It's how we use English--the Pinoy way! Anyway, in my case, I literally do close my computer. It's a laptop so I snap the lid shut. I don't turn off my laptop, I just close it!