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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I have royal baby fever

I'm sooo happy for William and Kate!

A baby is such absolute joy. I knew I always said I never wanted kids but, boy, once you have one and fall in love with that angel (that love is crucial!), they are so addicting! I want more actually. Especially when I see new babies, I feel an ache in my gut and my arms. Baby fever!

Back to Baby Cambridge. NBC has a fabulous coverage series (click click!). Watching the news, watching William and Kate's happiness, I feel just as happy. They look so overwhelmed and yet casual, so giddy and yet cool, so tender and so proud. New parents in love!

I want to gush more but I'd rather watch the news on the Cambridge family today. Have a great love-filled day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I wore... to a TV interview about the royal wedding

I've been doing interviews left and right for TV magazine and lifestyle shows in preparation for the royal wedding next week.

I'm a lot familiar with the British royal family history and answered all the questions happily. But there were two questions that I stumbled over:
1. Is it true that Kate Middleton is the oldest royal bride ever?
2. Is it true Prince William split up with Kate many times over their eight years together?

I actually answered the first one with Kate, at 29, is old for a royal bride. Then when the interviewer joked, "Oh, so she's the oldest royal bride!" I laughed, "Yes, she's old!" But of course that sounded like "Yes, she is the oldest bride ever!" Kate is not the oldest bride. Remember that her mother-in-law, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, married Charles when she was approaching 60. Then there's Anne Boleyn (married at 32), Katherine Parr (31), and the oldest monarch that was also a bride, Queen Mary I (married at 38). Hehe, nerd alert!

For the second question... Well, that's a bit tricky. I read somewhere they broke up twice while other sources said they broke up just once. So I said they broke up twice. Now, after watching the engagement interview the couple granted ITC, I confirmed they really only broke up once. Oh well!

Here's what I wore:
But first! My TV makeup. I usually just use Myra tinted moisturizer for work but for TV, I use a massive dollop of La Mer liquid foundation, La Mer concealer, La Mer dusting powder, Nars blush, L'Oreal eye shadow palette and ModelCo eyebrow powder.

I want to point out my many baby hairs, by the way! After four months of post-partum shedding, my hair is finally growing back. My hair's still alarmingly thin, however, so I'm still on the lookout for the best hair loss treatment.
Then I ran to the neighborhood salon for a blow dry. But they were super full so I went to another salon, which gave me a really crappy blowout (see below).
And finally, here's what I wore: Forever 21 tank top, Zara blazer, Levi's Lady's Style jeans, Benjie Angeles hardware necklace, Cambridge Satchel and 6-inch color-block sandals from Urbanog.

I love my Cambridge Satchel!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

William & Kate's royal love story on TV

William and Kate, er, excuse me, Catherine, are getting married in a little over 2 weeks and if you want to know their love story, there are a ton of books and magazine articles (such as the December, January, February, March and April issues of OK! Philippines! Grab your copy now!) out there detailing it. Or you can just watch this:

I can't believe they couldn't find actors who looked like William and Catherine. Seriously. And that part where Kate storms out when she sees William hugging another girl and the scene where she and William have a near shouting match out in the halls of St. Andrews for all the school to see? Sounds very improbable. Still! I'd drop everything to watch this!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Radio tour!

Haven't done a promotional tour for the magazine in months. Got pregnant--was usually nauseated in the morning, when the radio guestings are usually scheduled. Then gave birth. But now Vito's a big boy so I can go do my job again.

Outfit details: Zara jacket, Topshop tank, Guess skinny jeans
For more about the jacket, click here!
Was at Mellow 94.7 yesterday at 8am. Talked about "How To Marry Your Own Prince" a.k.a. "How To Land A Rich Man The Way Kate Middleton Did!" Tee hee.
Buy the December issue now!
Talking to DJ Vince G
And this is me talking about Tip #1. Forgive my squeaky voice!

That was fun! I like doing radio tours. A big part of being an editor-in-chief is promoting the magazine (ya, we don't really edit so our title shouldn't be "editor-in-chief" but "magazine manager") and now that I'm back to doing what I do best (PR), I feel like I am actually back in the saddle again.