Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I have royal baby fever

I'm sooo happy for William and Kate!

A baby is such absolute joy. I knew I always said I never wanted kids but, boy, once you have one and fall in love with that angel (that love is crucial!), they are so addicting! I want more actually. Especially when I see new babies, I feel an ache in my gut and my arms. Baby fever!

Back to Baby Cambridge. NBC has a fabulous coverage series (click click!). Watching the news, watching William and Kate's happiness, I feel just as happy. They look so overwhelmed and yet casual, so giddy and yet cool, so tender and so proud. New parents in love!

I want to gush more but I'd rather watch the news on the Cambridge family today. Have a great love-filled day!


  1. For some reason, William became so attractive in my eyes now that he's a dad! I didn't think highly of his 'looks' before. Is it weird? It's so weird for me but when he got out of the hospital with Kate, all of a sudden, WHOOOSH!! HANDSOME GUY ALERT! :O

    1. Haha, I guess that's why a lot of women fall for daddies. Eww! LOL

  2. Me, too! I even prepared two photos of a congratulatory greeting for the royal couple when Kate was in labor. One with boy and one with girl. :)


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