Monday, September 08, 2008

Britney's sooo back!

Please watch the first few minutes of the video in this MTV VMAs link.

When she walked to the stage to her tune, "Baby, One More Time," my eyes all but fell out crying. My baby's baaaaack! And in a big way, too. Britney won Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, and the biggest award of all--Video of the Year!

Just proves to all and sundry that everyone deserves a second chance and we can all rise from the deepest darkest pits of hell. Welcome back, Britney!

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Vanity, vanity... photos of what I wore

Because of some outfit-for-the-day sites I've become addicted to, I've snapped myself in some of my clothes these past few days. The photos aren't as nice (gosh, what cameras do these people use?), and the clothes aren't as amazing (how can I ever be as stylish as these people?) but it's a start.

Going to: driving class
Wearing: pale pink bell-sleeve top from Korea, Levi's Lady's Style skinny jeans, Nine West brown heels, Liz Claiborne multi-colored bag, Maldita shades
(Mental note: open neckline more to show off Liz Claiborne pink rose quartz necklace)

Going to: radio tours to promote OK! magazine, here at NU 107.5
Wearing: Karimadon baby-doll dress, Steve Madden ballerina flats
in satin and leather
(Mental note: avoid this pose; makes legs look bigger than they are)

Going to: press preview of The Tudors at Greenbelt 3
Wearing: Jockey undershirt, Kate Moss for TopShop wide-leg wool pants, Kenneth Cole Reaction platforms, Fino satchel, Jieux necklace
(Mental note: avoid this pose since I look like I'm scratching my bikini line)

Going to: the grocery next door
Wearing: Bayo Fabulously Pinay tee, Chocolate shorts, Schu
pompom and tweed flats, bayong from Subic
(Mental note: always brush hair even for quick errands next door!!!)

How I shop but don't drop!

Preview magazine's editor-in-chief writes in a recent issue that every fashionista's mantra is shop till you drop. Well, I shop, and for hours on end too, but i need never drop because I do almost all my shopping online!

Online shopping is the best for people like me who hate dressing up just to go to the mall (though I do like dressing up for dinner and the movies), hate parking, hate crowds. At home, barefoot and comfy in my cotton dresses, I sit in front of the computer and shop away. I've bought designer dresses, unusual shoes, vintage bags, rare books and my lovely art prints from various shopping sites online from all over the world. I can even get hay and other goodies for my rabbits because there is absolutely no decent rabbit shop in this country. Anyway, I'll tell you more about my favorite sites in an another post and will include pics of the stuff I've bought.

So how is online shopping? Well, it's not as easy as mall shopping, I'll tell you that. You have to have an international credit card or PayPal. But a lot of sites don't accept cards with non-US billing addresses. Then when you do purchase, there's the waiting period that can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks! The shipping fees can be expensive, too (the trick is to buy in bulk). Shipping can be a problem since a lot of nice sites from the US don't ship to Manila. You have to have a US address. So most of the time, I only shop at the local Multiply and eBay, and occasionally, I'd shop at sites that do deliver worldwide but FedEx can be very expensive (but safe. I love FedEx!). So when I hear that a friend or a relative is coming home to visit, I immediately ask if it's okay to have my shopping delivered to them! And that, my friends, is the best way to curb your shopping expense since I only get to shop big time when someone comes over from the US of A.

But--be still, my beating heart!--my husband just told me about the website. It's a mail forwarding service that his friends use when they shop for sporting goods and gadgets. The stuff they get comes out much cheaper because all the prohibitive taxes our government imposes on imported goods are stripped away. They said they've been members of for years and they like it for its professional and discreet service and that the service delivers fast and for much less. In fact, Vince tells me he's signing up. Oh dear, if he signs up, I'll bombard him with my shopping! promises to receive my stuff, repack it and ship it to my doorstep. They'd even do the paperwork for the customs.

So the bottom line is I get to enjoy the shopping selection in the US, the prices they have (my goodness, their fabulous shoes are like $8-$12 only) and the huge discounts as if I'm a US resident!!! With, I can buy practically everything for much less--magazine subscriptions, shoes, clothes, books, furniture, gadgets, toys for the rabbits and me, medicines and beauty products, jewelry, stationery... OMG. I'm trembling as I type!

Now I know we all have a relative or a friend abroad so I'm pretty sure this post got your attention. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't bother them anymore with all our shipping needs? My goodness, and all that shopping we can do! I can't wait!

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