Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mama passed away yesterday

To my family and friends who catch up on my life through this blog,

My mama, the delightful and wonderful Aurora Beltran Amper, passed away yesterday afternoon. Very suddenly. We are all still in shock. She wasn't sick, in fact she was being her usual vibrant self. She was just having a snack and couldn't resist her chocolate milk. She kinda choked on the choco milk, started sneezing and coughing. That was all actually but so many things happened at once--her asthma and acid reflux kicked in. It took a few minutes before she lost consciousness and passed away. It was a quick death, which we are grateful for, but we all wish we had had more time to say good-bye. Which didn't happen. Still, Mama and the rest of us are very vocal so we always told each other we loved each other. That is our only comfort.

I want to tell you all that I appreciate you in my life. I may not be present with you, I may not call or visit, but I know how important you all are and thank you for your part in making my life what it is--so completely happy. Maraming maraming salamat!

Mama's wake is near our old house in Antipolo. Marian Memorial Chapels along Marcos Hi-Way. Just past Sta. Lucia and Robinsons East Malls, along that long stretch of road that is so scary to drive on, towards Masinag Market. She will stay there until Thursday. We haven't decided what her interment details are.

Please pray for the family and friends Mama left behind. She was such a bright light! We feel so lost in this sudden darkness.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All wigged out!

Just came home from a L'Oreal Professionnel party. It was sooo fun! The invitation said to come in your best spy outfit but I totally forgot and wore my sack dress instead. So everyone looked amazing in black sexy slithery things while I looked like a sack!

Anyhow, the party was to introduce the Autumn/Winter hair colors—mysterious looks mostly (hence the espionage theme)—and L'Oreal got the best hairstylists in Manila and Cebu to create wigs for the guests! And that was when things got interesting. Here I am getting prepped for the photo shoot:
That's Angelo Falconi III putting on my wig.

This is Francis Lee from Bridges Salon in Cebu City.

Ro-An is from Yes! magazine and we are
trying hard—but failed!—to keep straight faces.

And here are the results!

In the deep red-and-light brown super layered cut.
UPDATE in 2017: Pardon the suicidal gesture. I did the poses at a time when I thought being morbid was cool.  

In the black-and-blue bob, styled by Jasmine Lisbona of Hairworks Makati.

In the copper-and-gold ash blond skull crop.

Which ones do you like? I'm totally digging the blond crop but when I showed the hubby my pic, he went in absolute shock: "Yikes! No! Please no!" Harhar. He knows I've been dying to cut my hair forever. I don't like long hair on me at all!

Outfit details: Ruth & Esther dress, Nine West beige pumps,
pink enamel earrings from NYC, bronze watch from Wristaker

Oh, the dress is called my sack dress because it is the color of potato sacks and feels like one, too. I just wear a slip underneath so I don't feel scratchy. I bought it because... well, ever heard of that saying, "She's so gorgeous she can wear a sack and still look great"? Well, darlings, this sack literally makes me feel that way!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Shoes, shoes, my world is shoes!

Okay, that last post was way too serious but something we must all take very seriously. I've already gotten the list of congressmen who authored/sponsored that Anti-Obscenity and Pornography Bill and I will post their names and photos soon! Do NOT vote for these Pharisees!

Now, back to regular programming...

As you know, I love to shop online. I just found this fabulous shop called Urban Original. O. M. G. That site is, for me, pornography. I just got so turned on by all the yummy shoes, I nearly fainted with pleasure. There are so many fabulous shoes and they're so cheap, too! I had too many moments where I had to stop and blink hard because I was getting dizzy with desire.

So anyway, I've picked out the ones I really want. I'm going through a prim-and-proper shoe phase. These days I kinda like my feet covered up. Must be because of all the Fall fashion in the magazines... or the fact that it's rainy season here and I walk to work now so I hate getting my feet wet! Anyway, these are my finalist babies. Help me choose!
Camel Open Toe Strappy Gladiator Sandal, $18.99
Well, it's in so we might as well own a pair.

Brown Patent Pointy-Toe Oxford Lace Tie-Up, $13.99
Sooo sexy. The tie-up detail and the super elongated toe
remind me of corsets and 19th century primness.

Beige Spectator Two-Tone Oxford Lace Pump, $18.99
Another breathtaking beauty. Again, I love the lace-up factor.
In fact, I love everything about it!

Gray Pointy-Toe Oxford Buckle Stiletto Ankle Boot, $19.99
Is that frikkin' fantastic or what! It's very dominatrix, eh? So hot.

Black Patent Round-Toe Oxford Stiletto Ankle Boot, $20.99
Looks like something from the future. I love how it's super sleek.

So! Which ones? All?!? That would only cost me USD 93, plus shipping (yes, they ship to Manila!) so only about USD 130 (PHP 6K++) so the shoes come out as only PHP 1,200 each pair!!! Why, I do believe I'll take them all. What do you think???

P.S. I kinda also like the multi-color multi-strap crocodile heels. They're funky, although I just know my husband will think them horrendous. Should I include those, too?

*all images from Urban Original website. Please shop at their store!

UPDATE: The hubby thinks I need to replace my two phones because they're 3 and 4 years old. Yeah, my Sony Ericssons look really beat up but they still work perfectly and don't give me any trouble at all! Hmm, for the same amount: 5 pairs of shoes or 1 new phone? Man, I don't even know why there's a debate! Still, in a marriage, the budget's not mine and mine alone anymore. So, dear shoes, another time!