Monday, April 09, 2012

The Kate Spade dream

I'm a Kate Spade. I'm not a Louis Vuitton, a Prada, a Goyard, an Hermes (though I think they're amazing!). I appreciate the designs of Salvatore Ferragamo, Longchamp and Furla and wouldn't mind owning a few. But I am mostly a Kate Spade girl. I have her books and one bag. I'd like to have more but, in my old age, I've decided I'd rather sell bags and clothes and books than own them.

Of all the brands out there, it's Kate Spade that tickles my fancy most. I like the aesthetic, the femininity and even whimsy. And yet there's nothing superfluous or frivolous about the brand. It's pretty and functional and lady-like. The quality is top-notch but the price isn't over the top. If I put up my own clothing and accessories brand one day, I want it to reflect the same principles as the Kate Spade house. Just look at these photos that I grabbed from the online shop:

Sigh. Then there's the shoes, the accessories, jewelry, baby things, home stuff and stationery! It's like the total women's store! That's the dream really: I'd love to put up a shop of the things I love and share them with other women. I'm especially adoring the porcelain plates (I have a thing for a beautifully set table) and I really wish more people would make their tables pretty. We Filipinos love feeding and entertaining our guests after all! Imagine if we did it with fine china and stemware!

Anyway, I told Daphne, "I want to be the Kate Spade of the Philippines!" She was very encouraging. Then when the bag business died, I wailed to Nicole, "What was I thinking going into a business I know nothing about? I'm a writer, for goodness' sake!" So we'll see how this unfolds. I have many plans, many many plans. Some excite me more than others. Right now, my hubby thinks I should focus on the writing first. It is what I know best. He's right. One day, one day. We'll see!

Do you have any secret dreams? Please tell me so I can be inspired, too!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I won the tufted headboard from Ethan Allen!

Yesterday was just unreal! That's because Ethan Allen announced the winner of their design challenge and I won!

I've been in a cloud of happiness. That's such an apt term since Vince and I named our design as "Life in the Clouds." As I keep mentioning, the whole room was really Vince's idea. Of course I had input here and there but I am amazed at how talented my husband is! He tweaked my design, gave helpful suggestions... I'm lucky I'm married to a man with discriminating taste!

And while some people tell me that I won because I had the luck of the pregnant woman, I beg to differ. I researched rooms with tufted headboards for inspiration. Vince researched color palettes. I studied Ethan Allen's design aesthetics to come up with a room that reflects their brand. I recalled the way Real Living styled our home when they featured it twice (easy tip: always have fresh flowers). Vince planned which photos will personalize the space without competing with the headboard. I even steamed the sheets and pillows! So it was a lot of hard work. And it paid off!

Here are a few of the room inspirations I put on my mood board:
As you can see, tufted headboards seem to inspire the same room elements: mirrored chest, sunburst mirrors and white lamps! I can't wait to turn our bedroom into something like the rooms up there. Except nerdier (books are always present in our home) and child-friendlier.

I feel like this is all so surreal since we've been wanting a tufted headboard for years. I even prayed about it. And now this! I was telling Mommy Fleur today that God may take His sweet time answering prayers but when He does, oh how He does! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd own an Ethan Allen piece. And now I do. Thank You, God, for giving me more than I ever asked for.

Thank you to everyone who campaigned for me over at Twitter and Facebook. Thank you to everyone who voted. And thank you to everyone who sent me encouraging words. I had fun doing the Ethan Allen design challenge but I had more fun seeing the overwhelming support you gave me. Whatever had been the outcome of the challenge, I already felt like a winner. Thank you!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I love Lucy

... and Lucy loves me!

Lucy Torres Gomez reads my blogs! OMG! I am so thrilled! I can't even begin to describe how delighted I am right now. So I'll just pat myself on the back for a job well done. So stoked!

P.S. We're talking about the Ethan Allen design challenge, by the way. Lucy helped campaign for my bedroom (Thanks, Lucy!). Contest results will be announced tomorrow. I do hope I win it, but even if I don't, I'm cool. The consolation prizes are pretty amazing, too! Happy sunny Sunday!

P.P.S. Follow me and Congresswoman Lucy on Twitter!

April 3 UPDATE: I won!