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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Style Bible just included me in their Pregnant & Pretty list!

This is just so fabulous!!! Considering I mostly dress for comfort (except when it comes to shoes) and that I hardly ever know what's the latest on the runways, to be included in their feature is definitely most unexpected and appreciated.

Everyone else on the list--Daphne Osena Paez, Amina Aranaz-Alunan, Kerri Zamora and Issa Litton--are not just celebrities, they're also such fashionistas! I'm just an ordinary girl!

Giddy, giddy me! Click on this link to read my interview and on this link to read the entire story--this I suggest most because the other women are much more stylish than I am and have more advice to offer you than I do. Yey, what a way to usher me into motherhood! Thanks, Style Bible. I think this is a fantastic first Mother's Day gift!


  1. Fabulous! But you're not an ordinary girl, isa ka ring dakilang fashionista!

    My mother was looking over my shoulder when I was viewing your pic in the Miu Miu dress, she commented, "Uy, ka-gwapa!"

  2. Congrats! But you were already on my list! ;-)

  3. you deserve to be on that list, you're one of the prettiest and most graceful pregnant women I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot because I used to assist in my OB-Gyne mom's clinic.

    I'm so looking over your archives for fashion tips when I get pregnant myself.

  4. Darling Frances you are nothing near ordinary! :D Congratulations to you yummymummy!!!!

  5. You deserve it Ms. F! Happy Mother's Day!!! You should have a pictorial before you give birth. :D

  6. Congrats....nice surprise!!!! Happy mother's day!

  7. Congrats, Frances! And what did I notice in your photo? You got that ecru Dimensione loveseat! Haha. You can take the girl out of RL, know the rest.:)

  8. Hey thanks everybody! You're all too kind =D

    Tisha, ya, Dimensione oughta give me a discount card!


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