Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shocker: SJP loves HP! - UPDATED!!!

I don't believe it! I wasn't part of the hordes of women who watched HBO's Sex and The City but it was such a huge pop culture hit that I knew Sarah Jessica Parker, or rather, Carrie Bradshaw may have worn a different fabulous brand every week on the show but she used just one and only one computer on every episode: a Mac!

From the very very beginning, Carrie was a Mac user...

... and till the show ended (and the Apple logo went right side up!).

But for the upcoming movie sequel, Carrie will be typing out her thoughts on a--gasp!--HP Notebook.

Well, I'll be honest with ya--it's pretty much discombobulating. It's like watching Transformers and seeing Bumblebee is now a GM, not a VW! Weird. Hewlett-Packard's marketing department did its darndest to partner with the franchise (and successfully so) but I dunno. It's just not right!

The Mac is the computer designed for creative people--that's why we all have Macs at the editorial department (mine is a mighty impressive iMac). Macs are used by musicians, photographers, copywriters, art directors, fashion designers, writers. I really can't explain why (I'll let the Third World Nerd do that) but Macs just seem to be designed in such a way that creative people intuitively know what to do with it. I knew from the moment I switched one on that a Mac and I had something beautiful going on. It's like love!  

So writer and design-crazy Carrie Bradshaw and the Mac were just the perfect partnership. They made sense. But Carrie and HP? Hmmm. This I gotta see.

Of course, I'm not putting PCs down at all. I am, after all, typing this blog post on an HP Mini. I got a Mini because it was cheap. And I wanted to keep my computer-related stuff at home simple--surfing, blogging, photo storage, emailing, eBaying. I didn't want to take work home--which is what the Third World Nerd does, hence his MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone. He has nothing against PCs, too, since he also used one for gaming and downloading. I chose a PC for home because I wanted my online doings at home to be simple, no fancy stuff. After all, that's the HP promise: The computer is personal again! But when it comes to doing creative things (from simple to heavy duty!), there's only one baby for that job: a Mac.

Read more about this shocking new partnership from Popeater and The Guardian UK.

UPDATE: It's not what we think! has the story here.


  1. Kurak!! It's just wrong!!! Carrie loves her Mac. Oh well, pera pera lang nyaha!!

  2. even sa first movie Mac yung gamit nya. Hmmm I wonder why Warner Bros. ditch Mac and jumped in to HP.

  3. I cannot believe it! I've always wanted a MAC for myself because of Carrie but oh well. Good job, HP, then!

  4. i even remember there being an episode when she felt so bad cause something happened to her mac and she was clutching it for dear life and had a pashmina wrapped around it.

    then again, when you said she was going to use an HP for the second movie, i immediately thought of you and how you love your HP mini so much.

  5. Ooh Frances I totally agree about the Mac! It's awesome for creativity :D

  6. Carrie writes about personal things... her friends, her lifestyle, her sex life... maybe that's why they chose to partner with HP.. :) making PC personal again..

    But SJP partnering with HP, that I can't figure out.. MAC should've offered her more. lol!

  7. but i also can't get over why she would just make a switch like that after her major tantrum with Aidan when her first mac (the black bulky one) got zapped. it was a whole episode of her ranting on how she wants the old one because the old one she knew and was "sanay" with (some underlying issues about her not wanting to open up her apartment for Aidan blah blah).

  8. For a moment I thought the "HP" on your title meant "Harry Potter". Haha. :D

    I cannot believe Carrie switched to PC. It's her Louboutins for a pair of Payless Shoes (please don't get mad at me...I belong to the Church of Steve Jobs)! The horror!

    True, creative people use Macs because for one, it's very user-friendly (you know how most artists tend to be impatient, especially when it comes to technical mumbo-jumbo) and their platform is so stable that it (almost) never crashes and doesn't get viruses. So all creative outputs like composed songs, art, articles stay safe. Don't you just love Macs?

    P.S.: I still use my ancient iBook G4 (that still runs on Tiger) that's 4 years old, and I never had a problem with it. :D

  9. Roxy, Shen! I remember that episode really well; makes me want to watch SATC all over again :)

  10. hypermom -- now that the next movie is coming out, if i only had the time, i'd like to make a weekend (or more) or just watching all the episodes all over again!!!!

  11. hallooo! enjoying all your comments =) funny how you're just as shocked as me, maybe even more shocked because i didn't watch the series. reading your comments and how familiar you all were with her, the story lines, my gosh even the pashmina detail!!! grabe. fans talaga! =D


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