Sunday, May 30, 2010

What a busy (and expensive) week I had!

It was the deadline week of OK!. The last week is always deadly for me and my staff but I made it more stressful by penciling in my OBG and facial appointments, too.

The pregnancy is going very well and my OBG prescribed these new vitamins that are so frakkin' expensive but are supposed to have all the vitamins and fatty acids and minerals my baby and I need. Then I also have to do birthing classes, a 4D ultrasound and the usual lab tests. Drain my blood away now, why don't you? It's a good thing the hubby and I have jobs!

So even though I'm already spending a lot on this pregnancy, I went shopping! Bought three dresses from Tango, a dress from Warehouse, sandals from Celine, new eyeglass frames (they're red!) and yet another dress from Kamiseta. It's so adorable! But I have to bring it to the seamstress because the shoulder straps are too long. Will have a decent photo taken as soon as that dress is ready.

Oh, and I bought a new cellphone, too, from the Big Sony Sale. It really is a big sale! I love my new phone. Had to buy a new one because my old Sony Ericsson is more than 5 years old and it's dying on me. Will write about the phone soon.

Oh, and I finally put the Facebook Like button in my blog! It's soooo cool! If you wanna know how, let the Third World Nerd teach ya...

And you can also join my Facebook fan page. I'm meeting a few "likers" tomorrow--they won my FB Fan Page raffle. So fun!


  1. I wanna see your new dresses, F! :) And I'm happy you rewarded yourself for being super hardworking :)

    And panalo ang comment mo sa blog ko! It's so hard to discern kasi minsan I still feel high school and also, the guy's not Pinoy, nagulat ako sa pagiging straightforward heehee. Thanks, F! I'm looking forward to the tea session when I get back! :)

  2. I buy at Tango too for my maternity clothes. = )

  3. hi,

    I always read your blog and I'm one of the "likers" of your FB page. I really love reading your blog (as well as your husband's because of the techie stuff he writes about). Just want to know if you're also considering water birth? I know your OB is the pioneer in such procedure here in the country. Goodluck with the birthing classes.


  4. You deserve the spree for all your hard work, Frances. With your schedule and pregnancy, you're one busy bee who still manages to look great! Hope to see the dresses on you. =)


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