Thursday, May 27, 2010

SATC 2 premiered in Manila last night

Last night, OK! managing editor Lana Chan and I attended the Sex and The City 2 premiere at Power Plant Mall. It was thrown by Solar Entertainment and I had a lovely time seeing old friends.

You see, unless my job requires me to go out (for example, to an advertiser's event), I haven't really been socializing since I got pregnant. Three reasons: I'm terribly sleepy, I had really bad acne in the first trimester, and I'm more susceptible to infections and diseases. When I got pneumonia, for example, that happened a week after I attended an advertiser's event. So I'm pretty much cloistered lately.
The fifth girl is what happens when you have sex... and the city gets overpopulated! 
I'm wearing a sequined maxi dress from Warehouse, Celine gold sandals,
an Evita Peroni headband, and carrying my Gucci tote.

So last night was fun. There was a plethora of style--I had fun checking out dresses, bags, jewelry, heels, boots, hairstyles. Really, I think I've been cooped up too long! Thank goodness for Facebook (and this blog!), people I haven't seen in months (some, years) were not shocked to see me pregnant. We were all pretty much up to date with each other's lives!

The lady DJs of 99.5 RT look as good as they sound.

Mariel, busily introducing people around, while her hubby Alvin watches

Me and Mariel. Should've asked her to remove her jacket so you can see 
the printed turquoise mini dress from Kate Torralba that she wore.

I didn't go in the theater to watch the movie, however. I always seem to get sick when I'm in a crowded enclosed space! So I bid my friends buh-bye and went off to Sango to buy my yummy husband his dinner. 
Vince and I have always loved Sango's burgers, but after two pregnancy-induced nausea fits, we haven't had any. Thankfully, last night, my nose was cooperative! When I got home, Vince just also arrived from work (and he was soooo happy to see me! So cute!) and we had a grand time munching away happily.

So that was my night! How was yours?


  1. LOL -- so you were there warning off people from having sex? in the city?

    You look gorgeous.

  2. You look so refreshing, F! :) You seem like happiness personified :)

  3. still very pretty... even when u had "sex" and about to overpopulate this city even more!!!

    i was gonna ask u if the movie was any good... but u didn't watch it... boo!

  4. wow your getting bigger and prettier...

  5. You can always watch the movie when it comes out as DVD :) Better safe than sorry.
    So excited to see SATC2 with my girls. :)

  6. I see you almost every day but I was surprised to see how pregnant you looked yesterday! Cutieee!

    I don't get invited to these events! Hmph. You get to go to movie premieres and I occasionally win a vacuum cleaner. Haha!

  7. I know I've said this a few times..but you're really such a pretty pregnant woman! :)

  8. Hi Frances, SATC is produced by Warner, not Solar. Was there too! Minsan nakakalito rin when I get invited to their movie screenings. :)


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