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Friday, February 03, 2012

Another Tango dress (and why I love Pinoy brands!)

But you'll only see a teeny bit of it since I'm using TwitPic (follow me for instant outfit updates!).

In the previous post, I used another TwitPic of a Tango dress I wore last week. Followers asked where I got the sexy dress. From Tango! There's a branch in Glorietta, beside VNC (that's the only branch I know) and another one in Megamall Bldg B (but I dunno where it is exactly). Go shop na there!

Now, the Tango dress I'm wearing here is an electric pleated coral caftan with a deep plunging V-neckline. Whenever I wear this, everyone loves me! Like, they want to touch me. It's so... weird! My husband is especially enamored. I have to fight him off! Haha!

When I Tweeted this photo, they didn't notice the dress so much. Everybody asked about the necklace. It's turquoise. It's gorgeous. And it's fabulously cheap! Just P900 from Kultura at Megamall. You guys really ought to check out that place. It's full of really great accessories, bags, home stuff, delicacies--ya know, local stuff! Super fabulous items. I can never leave that huge store without a big bag of new things.

So there. Now you know where I go buy my things. The best thing about Tango and Kultura? They're Proudly Pinoy! Actually, almost all my stuff is local. Gingersnaps, Karimadon, Anthology, Janilyn, Fino, K&Company... I do shop at Zara and Mango sometimes but I mostly patronize Pinoy brands. Really amazing products we Filipinos have!


  1. Now I know where to shop. Hehehe! Thanks for the mention of the stores you go to.

  2. You look different in this picture. Well, different from the other pictures since I've only seen you live once.

  3. looks nice! i wanna get me those too! :)

  4. I agree. Kultura really is a haven for nice accessories!

  5. Super love ko Tango! Bought a lot of dresses from there! :) pretty photo of you Frances!

  6. you look so pretty here... fresh na fresh

  7. Frances, Tango is my secret shopping place too! Ganda ng clothes pero inexpensive =D You look great by the way! =D

  8. Thanks, thanks!

    Nice to know a lot of you shop at Tango and at Kultura, too. Support Pinoy!


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