Friday, July 27, 2018

Take a look at the cute bento baon we made with Gold Seas Tuna Chunks

I'm a silent follower of baonserye and bento box groups on Facebook and Instagram, but I'm just an observer. I'm inspired and I like noting down baon ideas and combos but actually putting together a bento box for my kids? Not really into that.

So when I made this last week at the bento box making workshop by Gold Seas Tuna and Bento By Kat, I was honestly so surprised that I enjoyed making the baon! Behold: My first ever bento box baon!

Gold Seas Tuna Chunks, which I discovered last year and got forever hooked, has the best canned tuna. Meaty, chunky, masarap, fresh. Gold Seas Tuna Chunks also throws the best parties! Intimate, fun, educational, and laging masarap and plentiful ang pagkain. I love this tuna!

Tuna is rich in Omega 3 and protein so it's a healthy and light meat for families to enjoy. What makes me like Gold Seas Tuna Chunks specifically? Here are my reasons:

1. It's just tuna meat. Real tuna meat—no extenders!

2. It's made even healthier because it's canned in healthy olive oil. Olive Oil is rich in good fats that helps protect your heart from disease.

3. It comes in many flavors na masarap talaga. My favorites are the Mild Indian Curry and Lemon and Pepper.

4. I love the easy-open can and that the tab is found at the bottom. My Tita Fe who has a sari-sari store said this reduces exposure of the lid to dirt and pollutants. That said, hinuhugasan ko pa rin yung lid because I'm OC like that!

5. Gold Seas Tuna Chunks uses responsible fishing. They catch the tuna using the Purse Seine Technique. They avoid over-fishing. They don't harm young tuna fish, and dolphins and sharks which are usually found around tuna (because tune is yum!). They also make sure they comply with local, national, and international fishery management regulations.

As a mommy, I really try to make choices that will ensure that my kids will still have a world to grow up in. This is not easy! For example, reducing our use of plastic is my goal this year pero mahirap pala talaga siya kasi halos lahat ng binibili ko is packaged in plastic! But I still try to make more environment-friendly choices (like walking and commuting, choosing brands that have sustainable efforts, etc).

Anyway, let me show you a few photos of the moms who were at the bento baon workshop...

Denise Rayala of the original #BaonSerye fame and the mom behind Royal Domesticity lovingly prepares food for her daughter.
Michelle Lim, the blogger behind My Mom Friday, fixes the food in the new personalized Yumbox we all got at the workshop.
Shari Poquiz of The Misty Mom, a blog on beauty, style and motherhood, arranges her food for maximum impact on IG.
Businesswoman Ginger Arboleda of Mommy Ginger trying to get the perfect photo of her bento baon.

I know I said it was a super fun event but all the photos above show super serious mommies. Akala mo naman may contest at ang pinakamagandang bento box ay may prize haha

Kasi naman when it comes to making baon for our kids, it truly is serious business! I wake up at dawn just to make their baon and ang sarap ng feeling kapag uwi ng mga bata at simot lahat ng food nila. Diba, mga mamas?

Our baon for the workshop consisted of rice shaped into a snail, its eyes and bowtie were cheese. It rested on a bed of broccoli. We sliced grapes and skewered them to make heart shapes. Our ulam was tuna patties. The chocolate sandwich was cut into a cute pig head shape.

Here's my son Iñigo enjoying the bento box baon I made for him:

And that smile made it worth it! While at the workshop, the other moms and I were talking about how nice this all was but we just can't invest the time to make these intricate lunches. But after I saw Iñigo's happiness, I resolved to put effort into making my kids' baon more fun.

Happy weekend, mamas! I hope you try Gold Seas Tuna for your kids' baon. For more information and recipes, like their Facebook page, or follow them on Instagram.

*This post is brought to you by Gold Seas Tuna Chunks.


  1. heto talaga yun gusto kong gawin sa mga kids ko!ang sarap ng feeling nassbhin nila sau when they got home, "mama ang sarap ng baon ko sobra!bukas ulit ganun ah!" matched with the priceless smiles!Mas naeenhance yun creativity ko!hahaha! FB: Jenny Lagman Zarate IG: cheycheanzarate

  2. heto talaga yun gusto kong gawin sa mga kids ko!ang sarap ng feeling nassbhin nila sau when they got home, "mama ang sarap ng baon ko sobra!bukas ulit ganun ah!" matched with the priceless smiles!Mas naeenhance yun creativity ko!hahaha! FB: Jenny Lagman Zarate IG: cheycheanzarate

  3. I've always wanted to do this for my eldest kaso wala talagang time! Hirap pagsabayin ang work at pagiging ina. Hopefully soon!

  4. My kids really love to join me on making our snacks and sometimes baon at school, this event is very helpful and a good bonding experience sa kids at mommy. Nakakatuwa kc they can use there imagination to create something else sa food nila. . How I wish my 2son's can join in the event like this

  5. Ang dami ko ng blog na nabasa pero iba pa rin pag about sa kids or parenting etc. Mas nagiging intersado ka talaga tama naman diba? So ayun nalaman ko nga na di lang pala ako ang may gusto sa Gold Seas kala ko talaga ako lang e kasi ayaw daw nila matabang daw mga ganun pero yung anak ko na 14 months pinatikim ko sakanya kasi I know na okay lang dahil with Olive Oil naman at onti lang naman nagustuhan niya haha nakakatuwa lang. Alam niyo po ba na pag nababasa ko yung mga blog niyo nakaka relief ng pagod lalo na pag stress na kasi nakakakuha ako ng mga tips at information sainyo kaya sobrang thank you po talaga at na Follow ko kayo sa Facebook :) I really loved your blogs again thank you. ☺️
    Carizza Santos

  6. Your First bento baon is so cute, i really wanted to attend workshop like that so i could learn my kids baon on more cutie way so they could have more appetite on eating their baon,my kids are so picky eater and if i could make one i know they would remember how much i love them. Im not that creative but i really would try to make a bento baon for too..

  7. My family also loves Tuna. Bagong discovery tong Gold Seas :) I will give it a try. The bentobox from brightbrands are so adorable! :) Gaganahan talafa silang kumain at ubusin ang baon nila

    Ig yes.its.queenly

  8. Wow, love reading it!!!!Hoping soon I can attend workshop like this!!!so creative!

  9. Yes we love gold seas tuna too! Pero honesyly di nqmn kami madalas mag buy too , minsan sinasama namin sa list. Masarap siya sa masarap tlaga👍 If mas taasan our budget then we can have this always hehe.

  10. Silent reader lang din ako sa mga bento grouos pero naamaze tlga ako. I want to try that too for the kids. Nag uumpisa nako buying some at daiso hehe para prepared sa pagpasok soon ni 2nd. I find it so exciting makakita ng finished meal sa bento. btw, you look like a pro na po . kaya laki ng smile ni baby😘

    ig: iamlove_iloveyou


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