Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Special birthday gifts

My littlest boy isn't so little anymore. Suddenly, this July, when he turned 4, he decided he was ready for school and he was going to use the toilet "like a big boy." All throughout summer, he insisted he wasn't going to do any of that because "I am still a baby, Mama. I'll always be your baby, right?"

So we thought, okay, no pressure, he can stay our baby for one year more. But we don't know what happened. Maybe the birthday triggered it but Piero changed his mind and we're so happily surprised this whole of July! What a gift to us that he made us so proud!

My darling Piero. This is his tiny birthday party at 6 o'clock in the morning. It was a weekday so his older brothers had school and had to go.

I wanted to celebrate properly after school—with all of us dressed for the pictures, the table set, the gifts out, more time. But the boys woke up shouting, "Happy birthday, Piero!" "Is my birthday, Mama!" "Where's the cake?" "Where my gifts?" "What's your wish?" "I'm 4! I'm FOH!!!"

Sooooo... We just had to do the tiniest party we've ever done as the sun was rising on a most wonderful day!

That blurry image to the right is my hand trying to get him away from his candle. That boy. He always gives me a heart attack. But that's his gift to me: the gift of endless surprise and humility.

We had Piero because we thought ourselves so amazing at this parenting gig. But Piero—a surprising combination of Vince and myself in temperament and wilfulness—showed us that every child is different, and what we may think we can't handle just requires a change of thinking, a firmer resolve to try again, and that humility before your own children is always best if you want to have a good relationship with them.

Piero's also given his brothers the gift of patience and understanding. And though he is always annoying them, they are protective of him, always thinking of him, always adoring him. And also always annoying him! They bicker like an old married couple, day in, day out. I don't even know if they actually enjoy fighting each other since they do it a lot.

But they love him, that they do. They always wanted a baby and so we gave them Piero and they always dote on him. They think he's their baby.

For his birthday, they told me and their Papa what Piero wanted. They shopped for his gifts. They counted down the days. They chose and bought the cake. They made him so excited for his birthday! They are the best kuyas. They are a gift to Piero, too.

Happy birthday, dearest darling baby boy! You are what our family needed. You are the happiest baby we've ever known. You are thunder and sunshine and kaiju and jaeger and passion and tenderness  and a gift. We love you so very much! May you grow in wisdom and love, may you always have that fire in you, that stubborn will, that quick laugh, that sharp wit, and that fierce love for me.

Happy birthday, dearest bunchokoykoy! God bless you for always and always!

* * * * * * *

Every birthday of my children, I donate a gift to World Vision in their name. This is one of the children that World Vision sends to school. I hope you can join this little birthday cause of mine. Please donate to World Vision, too, when your child celebrates his birthday and make another child happy, too! 


  1. Happy birthday, Piero! Time flies so fast. But every moment is worth it because every member of the family and the time spent with them is precious!

  2. Sa totoo lang ganyan din po ako.Mas masaya pa ako pag kinakantahan ko sila ng bday songs tapos un magbblow ng candle.Ang kids kasi nakikita ko masaya sila once na may cakes and bday songs!iba yung smiles nila, lalo na pag may gifts. makikita mo na simple happiness sa mga mata nila. Sarap maging bata ulit hehehe.

  3. Wow! Time flies so fast Ms. Frances! I remember the first time I read your blog - when you just had Vito. I was also a new mom then trying to balance it all and finding comfort in whatever I can. Then you had Iñigo who is as much as lovable as Vito. I thought you'd stop na. hehehe. When you shared, your having your third baby, I was shocked and inggit! I wanted another baby back then. hahaha. I'm happy reading your blog especially when you share your boys with the rest of us. Happy Birthday to dear Piero!

  4. Handsome boys! Happy birthday to Piero! Ang laki na nila 😃

  5. Happiest Birthday, Piero love! :) I really love how you celebrate the boys' birthdays as a family :) I can imagine the morning chatter and the huge smiles. And of course maybe may occasional whining for waking up early? Hehehe
    These are really precious family memories :)

  6. He's so cute and adorable, . I have 2boy's now and im iwant girl naman sana haha,.
    Pag nakikita mo talaga cla masaya on their special day. Happy na din tayung mga mommies ,. Ig: @ailajanegarcia

  7. ang cute ni Piero!excited kasi birthday nya, kulit pa ng mga kuya! and nakakatuwa na nagdodonate kayo sa World Vision, bless your family <3

  8. Photos reminds me of my younger self,same poses with my cousins during birthday celebrations, as the stress and struggles of adulthood always kicks in its pleasant to go back and reminisce those relax days when parents are still young and vital and u are busy how to be good with chinese garter thats ur main goal, but now everything needs to taken seriously and decide spot on, wish i stayed during those times which is impossible. Dear kids enjoy and saviour ur youthful days promise no going back again later on. ❤❤❤

  9. Happy Birthday Piero! You are so blessed to have 3 wonderful kids,My kids do fight a lot even they have 8 years gap,my kids ages are 19,11,7 but at the end of the day i know they love and will protect each other,I think donating at World Vision is a great idea of sharing your blessings and i might do it also on my kids birthday..I really admire your way of parenting,you're so calm..

  10. gwapo nila! Happy Happy Birthday little handsome! Stay healthy and Bless palagi!

  11. I'm a silent reader here of your posts (but I'm gonna be so honest, gonna comment now coz i just love those Loreal products hehehe). Belated happy birthday to PIero! Actually, I got to learn about your blog from a former colleague few years back. Your posts about motherhood are so relatable coz i also have a 4 year old toddler. She just turned 4 few months ago. Masaya din anak ko basta may cake and candle that she will blow. PAgkablow, sindi ulit, blow ulit...hahaha...

    I remember last year I shared one of your post I guess it's "I'm not helping my wife", geez! Ung tipong parehong pareho tayo ng insights about that..damang dama ika nga...pareho tayo ng saloobin kahit d boy ang child ko... :-)

    Again, happiest birthday Piero cutie!

  12. Happiest birthday Piero!!Godbless

    Really love their genuine smiles , cuties alert!!!!

  13. nakak proud nmm siya mommy. 😍 My lottle hirl turned 4 lang nung July 4. Keyk lang din wish nya nun.I find your post funny ( ung iba) shared memes etc kasi nakkarelate ako hehe.

  14. happiest bday po sa knya ang pogi ppogi po hehhe 😍 I find him so happy and contented na. You musy be very proud po tlaga.

    fb: love fullido compoc


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