Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How Mr Muscle® helps me keep our toilet clean while potty training

Good news, mamas! We're done with potty training our youngest boy, Piero! We’ve been talking to him about it and he was resisting it for the longest time but when he turned 4 years old two weeks ago, he just suddenly decided to go for it! There have been a few mess-ups, but fewer than expected, so we’re so very proud of our potty-trained little boy. Hooray!

To deal with the accidents, I’ve been cleaning the bathroom more often these days. So, if you’re a toilet-training mama like me, let me share with you a few toilet-cleaning tips so that the frustrations of potty-training won't be worsened. Here we go! 

1. Keep cleaning materials in the bathroom. 
When we didn't have kids, it was okay to clean the bathroom once a week so the cleaning supplies were stored away in the utility area. But when you have little boys—even those who are already potty-trained—the bathroom gets stinky and dirty fast. 

To combat this, clean the toilet every day. Just wipe it down. Won't take you 5 minutes, mamas! What I do is keep a spray bottle of diluted bathroom cleaner like Mr Muscle® Bathroom Cleaner in the bathroom and spray the toilet area regularly. Mix 2 parts of Mr Muscle® Bathroom Cleaner with 1 part water. Just spray down the toilet seat, toilet seat cover, and anywhere else that may have fecal matter (like the flush handle and walls. You never know!). Then using the bidet, I just rinse the sprayed surfaces and wipe dry. 

2. Keep a special-purpose trash can near the bowl. 
Place a trash can specially devoted to soiled diapers near the toilet. It seems obvious but the bathroom trash can is usually just for facial tissue, cotton buds, and dental floss. Keep a smaller one lined with a biodegradable plastic bag and you and your child can deposit soiled diapers and wet wipes here. It's easier to empty it daily and the bathroom won't stink up. 

3. Use the best toilet-cleaning products (like the powerful toilet-cleaning product, Mr Muscle®!). 
I need to mention this because my kasambahays before would use laundry detergent or muriatic acid or rubbing alcohol to clean the bathroom. No! You need to use a toilet bowl cleaner and a sturdy toilet brush at least once per week to clean inside the toilet bowl. These are especially made for the toilet—the extended-reach neck of Mr Muscle® is especially designed to reach under the toilet rim better and the toilet brush is specifically made to fit the hole of the bowl—so please use them. 

I like to use Mr Muscle® Foaming Bleach Gel because it foams and freshens for a more powerful clean than basic bleach. 

A daily clean-up sounds like a lot of work but actually just spending a few minutes each day cleaning the bathroom after your child uses it means less time and scrubbing when you do your weekly deep clean. And as a working mama with no kasambahays, I really believe in using products that work harder so that I won't have to. In this case, I highly recommend Mr Muscle® Foaming Bleach Gel because just a little goes a long way. It cleans, disinfects, and whitens my toilet in just 5 minutes. And the bathroom smells soooo good after. Yep, even though my little boys abuse that porcelain throne with their enthusiastic peeing and pooping every day! With Mr Muscle®, I clean less and live more! I get to spend more time with my kids—and also get to work and clean the house, too. How amazing is that? Mamas, always choose household products that help you be more efficient! 

The new Mr Muscle® Foaming Bleach Gel is available at all leading supermarkets for as low as (SRP) P95 for 500ml. Like the Facebook page of Mr Muscle® for more information. 

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  1. Thanks for that tip on the diluted bathroom cleaner in a spray bottle! I'll definitely be doing that soon! And yes, I agree that cleaning it regularly throughout the week saves time when you need to really scrub it down. Thankfully, our stay-out helper is back so she helps clean our bathroom twice a week, but on other days, what I also do is get a thick kitchen towel, spray it with cleaner, and wipe down the floor.

  2. Im using Mr. Muscle too :) Pero di araw araw. Every Saturday ko sya ginagamit kapag nililinis ko talaga ang banyo. Ung as in binubrush mga sahig at pader. Pati bowl, but for everyday mabilisang linis. Im only using baking soda tsaka dishsoap. :) Para di masyadong machemical hehe. At kasi si panganay ay sa diaper pdin naman nagpoop. Kami lng magasawa ang gumagamit ng banyo

    Ig yes.its.queenly

  3. Im using Mr Muscle too and its really helpful in removing stains. Its very important to have a clean toilet to avoid sickness . Thanks also for imparting toilet-cleaning tips!!!FB: Manilyn Johnson IG:gurlthing15

  4. wow mommy! na appreciate ko to esp na may 1&6mos boy ako. Gusto ko tlaga ganitong practice eh. Screenshot the tips since will have to read it again as a reminder. thanks for this po. About Mr Muscle naman we were using this before and its power to remove stains is amazing .na stop lang sya nung may nag offer na kalapit lang of a new product jehe. now there's reason for me to buy again and balik loob😘

  5. naexcite nako mag potty train si lo. Nkakaproud si kiddo mo po snaa ma achieve ko din yan😍

  6. Awesome article, it was exceptionally helpful! I simply began in this and I'm becoming more acquainted with it better! Cheers, keep doing awesome! best toilet bowl brush


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