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Locavore's scrumptious farm-to-table dishes now at S Maison at the Conrad

Locavore in Kapitolyo Pasig is one of the lovely restaurants that popped up a stone's throw away from my home. It's hard to get a seat there because it's always packed with diners looking for familiar, home-cooked Filipino meals but presented in gourmet style. Kasi pwede naman pala. People always say that Pinoy food is not as popular as French cuisine or Japanese food because it's grub, it's comfort food, it's not pretty to look at. But Locavore shows us that pwedeng maging haute ang Pinoy food. Just look at the photos here!

Halabos na Suahe with Kelly Sauce
Soft-shell Crab Negra with Alavar Sauce

Chef Mikel Zaguirre of Locavore believes that Filipino cuisine can be modern, playful, and inspired while staying faithful to the flavors we grew up with. He even brought it to another level by creating a menu that highlights local and sustainable ingredients. This concept has proven to be so popular that Locavore now has branches in BGC and Makati so that office workers can also enjoy the flavors of home in their corporate neighborhood. 

Now, Locavore targets a new market—big families, balikbayans, expats—in their new restaurant at S Maison at the Conrad Hotel in Pasay. It's bigger and swankier than its first three branches but it offers the same great food experience in an ambience that is especially suited for family gatherings on special occasions or a leisurely weekend meal.

Pinipig Cereal Sugpo
Sugpo con Mayonesa

At the S Maison branch, diners will find that there are exciting new additions to the menu that are exclusively offered seaside location: The Pinipig-Cereal Sugpo (Jumbo black tiger prawns, salted egg floss, wansoy, smashed saba, radish pancit), Halabos na Suahe with Kelly sauce (steamed live suahe, awesome Kelly sauce, radish pancit), and the Soft-shell Crab Negra with Alavar Sauce (soft-shell crab tempura, squid ink batter, alavar sauce, chimichurri sauce, labuyo aioli, edamame, smashed saba, radish pancit). 

Like everything that Locavore serves, these new items are made with sustainable, locally-sourced components. Chef Mikel says, “With these dishes, we are keeping the identity of Locavore where we are offering something different and yet familiar. These may be inspired by food from other countries, like in the case of the Pinipig Cereal Sugpo, which is derived from the Cereal Prawn, but here we use Itlog na Maalat.”

Boneless Lechon Belly
Sisig-Fried Oyster

By the way, "locavore" is what you call a person who eats mostly or only locally grown or produced food. Farm-to-table talaga. So if you eat at Locavore, you can't expect to find Angus steak or Wagyu beef or Irish potatoes. Every ingredient in Locavore is grown and made in good ol' Pilipinas. I love that! 

I love our global community, okay, but it's also wonderful to support our local food industries. Our farmers in rural communities financially benefit, safer farming practices are encouraged, and the food industry as a whole gains access to fresher and better quality ingredients. Ultimately, we are served healthier and more delicious food while helping our fellow Pinoys. 

Sizzling Sinigang
Street Food Platter

Visit the new Locavore branch at the ground floor of the S Maison at the Conrad, and enjoy a different experience with the brand that has brought a love for local food to a whole new level. For more information, visit

The biggest and most beautiful Locavore branch is at S Maison at the Conrad. Must visit and eat here soon!

*Photos courtesy of Locavore.

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