Monday, July 09, 2018

What I wore last week

I've discovered a marvelous thing! My son, Iñigo, can take good outfit photos so now I finally have an official #OOTD photographer! Hooray!

Maganda yung angle niya kasi he's shorter than me so my legs look longer. Unlike when it's my husband Vince who takes my photos. He's much taller than me so my head and shoulders look huge and my legs look stunted. Nahihiya naman akong mag-dictate sa kanya na lumuhod siya sa harap ko haha So buti na lang marunong kumuha ng picture si Iñigo!

Anyway, you know what this means, mamas. I can do outfit posts again! Here's what I wore last week:

Sundo duties. Uniqlo ang shirt and shorts. Charles and Keith ang shades. My own satchel. Dune loafers.

Sundo pa rin! Zalora shorts. I don't know the brand of the shirt kasi regalo lang siya nung Pasko but obviously Disney siya! Skechers shoes.

Sundo ulit but I dragged Iñigo to the nearby salon to have my eyebrows groomed while we waited for his Kuya Vito's dismissal. Zara shirt. Zalora skirt (big deep pockets!). Kate Spade bag. Mango ballet flats.

Sundo pa rin! Wanted to be girly today for my husband. We had a nice morning and lunch together. Then he went to work and I went to get the boys from school. Dress from a brand sold in Zalora (I obviously shop there a lot!). Dune leather and lace flats.

At Mind Museum with my family. What a fun day! Sobra kaming napagod ni Vince kakatakbo after our sons! This is my bunchokoy Piero who celebrated his birthday last week. He enjoyed the dinosaur part of the museum tour. Super happy boy! Button-down blouse from a brand in Zalora. Topshop slacks. H&M backpack. Melissa sandals.

As you can see—no heels! Everything has to be about comfort now that I'm a working mama with kids in tow. Next time na lang ang style. Maybe in two years, when I'm not running after the kids all the time.

But life sure is much different from what I thought it would be 10 years ago. I was telling Vince last week, "I have to get rid of all my heels. I haven't worn them in years." He replied, "I'll buy you new shoes." And I said, and with no regret at all, "Ten years ago, all I wore was high heels. I never thought I'd live in flats and sneakers. And it's okay."

It's really okay. Of course, when I was 31 and you told me that one day my heels will be gathering dust and I'd be running around in shorts and t-shirts, I'd never have believed you. I'd be horrified haha But I love this mama life. The outfits, not so much, but they serve a purpose, they help me be efficient, and they keep me comfy. That's what I need! And that's what matters.


  1. Haha I love this post Ms Frances. I feel a mom now! But you still look sexy and great even in shirt and shorts!

  2. You look great in anything you wear because your beauty radiates from happiness within. -Lorraine Villanueva

  3. Yes, you maybe wearing basic and comfortable pieces pero you wore it with confidence kaya fresh ka tingnan, yun parang may tig iisang nanny ang anak mo at wala kang laundry na naghihintay. I remember what you replied to me on IG, "pose with confidence lang and big sunglasses to hide eyebags ang sagot" Yun salita na, "nasa nagdadala yan" applies here.

  4. You look great! it's simple but fashionable. also I think it's great that your fashion choices are also comfy. :)

  5. Looking great po lahat esp the girly girly outfit 😊


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