Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What I wore last week

I don't know how to dress for rainy weather. Yep, that's all you'll find out in this edition of OOTDs from last week. So if you can share tips on how to look fashyon in stormy, windy, flooded to the calves, muddy, and yet hot and humid weather, do tell!
Zara shirt, Topshop pants, Mango ballet flats, Kate Spade bag
For a meeting with the L'Oréal team at Lazada (where we shot a promo video for a giant lipstick sale on National Lipstick Day this week), I wore pink trousers to liven up the gray day. I'm usually in black, white, gray and navy, but it's been dark and dreary for weeks now so I wanted to wear something bright.

Casual Chic Manila blouse, Uniqlo jeans, Cole Vintage belt, Dune London loafers

Oh, this was a really stormy day! I went to a Gold Seas Tuna Chunks event and wore blue because that's the Gold Seas brand color (I try to match the brand color to show my support). I wished I wore my rain boots because I was up to my ankles in flood water when I walked the final block home! (Thanks for the ride and the fun chat, Denise of Royal Domesticity!). Plus, I think the water destroyed my loafers. They're a really old pair and I love them because they've become incredibly soft. Oh well.

Topshop shirt and slacks, Skechers sneakers, H&M backpack
I wore this at the start of the week, yung binabagayan ko pa yung weather. Gray everything! I love this outfit. It's soooo comfy.

Uniqlo hoodie and eyelet shorts, Zara knit shirt, Bata flats, H&M backpack

But this is the comfiest! Kasi nakapambahay lang ako! This was the day when classes were suddenly cancelled and we had to rush back to school and get the boys before lunch. So walang ligo, walang suklay, walang makeup, walang bra!!! I just basically threw on a jacket and went! Wag tularan, mamas.

Aaaaand that's all for last week's outfit recap! I'll try to put together a more chic rainy-weather fashion look this week. I dunno if I can do it but you judge next week! Have a good week this week, mamas. Stay safe and dry!


  1. Tuwang-tuwa ako sa "walang bra" hahaha I'm like "yas, momma!!"

    My favorite is the pink trousers! So pretty!


  2. I once commented on IG that you look good even in simplest clothes. Sabi ko pa "bakit ako hindi ganyan kaganda kpag nasundo ng anak?" Well, siguro nga nasa nagdadala at sa confidence at sa big sunglasses haha! Looking forward to more ootd posts! And oh, hindi ko keri na walang bra haha!

  3. You look classy on your outfit. The price is not important on clothes, important is how you confident and stand out on that dress . IG:@ailajanegarcia

  4. Fave ko ung TopShop pants :) I love how you still look so fab and comfy. Kapag kasi maulan basta nakajacket at dka mababasa ok na. Di bale ng di match ung suot sa pants or sa shoes hehehe

  5. Loving all the outfits, very comfy!!! And Im guilty tooo when sometimes walang ligo at walang suklay . FB: Manilyn Johnson IG: gurlthing15

  6. sana ganyan ako kaganda pag magsundo ng anak hhehe nung kay eldest ko sinusundo ko sya nun, now grade 5 na hindi na. So dahil may bf daughter ako and no helper eversince, dala ko si baby palagi and even may activities. Keri lang kung anong ma outfit diff seasons 😊 But you look pretty po esp sa gray. Outfit ko yan pagpasok work nuong nagttrabaho pako before.😊


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