Sunday, February 22, 2009

By the way, I am now a red head

I've had long hair for the last 3 years. Louis Phillip Kee, my absolutely fantabulous hairstylist, has kept me looking sexy and gorgeous but I've grown tired of long hair and wanted to go short again. So last week, I visited his posh new salon at One McKinley and got a chop.

Louis' new salon is so luxe, it's divine. The wallpaper is from London, the chairs are all sink-into-heaven comfy, the mirrors are perfect (meaning I don't look wobbly or fat in them!), the shampoo chairs are soooo comfortable, and the lighting always makes me look soft and feminine. And the service is excellent.

Once I sat down, the polite and efficient staff asked if I wanted a cappuccino or an iced tea. I love how their coffee is served in gold-edged china. The sugar is muscovado. Yummy and healthy!

After coffee and a few magazines were served, Louis came up and chatted. He always asks me what I want. I used to always say, "Whatever you feel like, darling." But this time I said I wanted to go really short. Louis said, "Let's do it gradually. But I do admire your courage!" Here are Louis and Angie deciding on the fate of my mane. They both suggest something very bold--a deep vibrant red. I say, "Sure!"

This is Gilbert. He always attends to me when I'm here. He's like my personal assistant--he massages me while I wait, he shampoos my hair, he gets me drinks... Gilbert is the best! And his massages are to die for!

Since coloring hair can be a long wait, the staff offered refreshments and snacks. Here's a plate of the yummy seafood pasta I had. Sigh. I do love this salon!

And here's a before pic...And this is what I looked like after!I am loving the red hair, and everyone loves it, too! It's not so obvious here. Under lights (especially sunlight), it's quite vivid! Very bold. In fact when I first saw it, I kinda blanched and said, "Louis, it's very... red." And he replied, "Honey, when I first saw you, you were blond!" Ehehe, that's right--I used to have this terrible blond dye job. Anyway, like Louis said, we're doing it gradually so my hair is still kinda long. But I plan to return in a couple of weeks to go utterly short. Soooo excited!

Louis Phillip Kee Salon
G/F One McKinley Place, 25th Street and 4th Avenue,
Bonifacio Flobal City, Taguig
Tel nos. (02) 856-3388, (02) 856-4848, (0918) 842-4888


  1. Gorgeous! And very bold ;)

    How much does he charge if he does the cutting himself? I *might* go to him sometime this year, when my hair grows out. I'm not too happy with my current style =T

  2. Very nice, red is definitely your color.

  3. You looked fabulously great! I like your new fashionable hair....RED!!!
    Why don't you post your blog here too...A Global Tribe

  4. Go for Macbook..pero nabasa ko yun bagong generation ng macbook mg mga bugs e.. ewan ko lng ko naFIX na nila..
    i like t3 magz kaso mejo manipiz na siya..
    pwede makipagexchange link po?
    wala p din po na yun bag?

  5. WendyB, Jane, Rob, Bucca and Krizhart, thanks!!! I'm going shorter soon!

    KV, go to Louis! He's the best! I don't know how much he charges, though. We're friends so he does my hair for free, so I just give him a very big tip =P I do think he starts at P1,200 for cuts...

    Showbiznews, I'll tell Vince you like T3--he'll be happy. And no, wala pa yung bag!

  6. Di ba you wore a pixie cut wig before? That suited you as well.

  7. I know, right??? No one seems to think so, though. Iba ang wig daw. Let's see if I can get Louis to cut cut cut away!


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