Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Juicy appearance

I start every month with a promoting blitz for OK! magazine. So tomorrow you may want to watch Juicy on TV5 at 11am (here's hoping my spot doesn't get bumped off again!). Here are some pics from the taping yesterday (yey, I finally have photos where my red hair looks red!):

Hello to all the viewers of Juicy!

Alex Gonzaga and IC Mendoza browse the June ish.

They like it. They really like it!

I don't remember what this laughing was all about
but I think it had to do something about sex!

So much fun! Also tomorrow I'll be on the following radio shows:
Listen in if you like! I have a very squeaky voice but I'm smart and funny so you can expect to be entertained. And please please grab a copy of the June issue of OK! magazine.

Better yet, send me a photo of yourself with my magazine! Here's my email: frances@topazhorizon.com. My favorite photo wins a prize!


  1. Wow, you look great! Alex Gonzaga and IC Mendoza seem like fun hosts. :) Will try and get myself a copy of the OK! mag. :)

  2. Oh wow! That looks so awesome. You have an amazing job! Wish I could do something like that.

  3. Oh we get ok here in Australia but I doubt it's the same one! Congratulations on the TV spot though that is fantastic! remember us when you are a superstar!

  4. yes,i'm gonna check it out.my daughter and i love watching Juicy.

  5. I'm not sure I can catch the ep tomorrow but I'll try listening to the radio shows. :D I miss that squeaky voice! Remember when we still called each other up? Everyone at home knew who you were! :D

  6. Austenfan, thanks! They are super fun. And it's not scripted--all of their banter is adlib. Very smart and witty and funny hosts!

    ChinkyGirlMel, ya, it's quite fun. Lots of hard work, your time is never your own, so much stress, but the fun factor is just incredible!

    WendyB, thanks!

    Bucca, it's the same brand! I'm friends with Kim Wilson, the editor of OK! Australia. She, like all Aussies, is a super sweetheart. We love the Australian edition!!!

    Online Writer, ya, Juicy is so much better than the other talk shows in the same slot.

    Hi Chris!!! That is so embarrassing--I'm sure your entire family made fun of my voice!

  7. wow how amazing! you look great doll.

  8. gawd! You really sound cute ate! and look gorgeous! =) weeh! sabi ko sayo 20 kalang eh! hehe


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