Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love bunny ears!

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Now back to regular programming.

Bunny ears are so cute. They twitch about constantly. Even when my rabbits are asleep, their ears are like satellite discs that turn to find the slightest sound. They seem to have a mind of their own really!

Now, Louis Vuitton had come out with their silly Bunny Ears for their Fall/Winter 2009 collection. On the runway, the Bunny Ears looked fab.
On the cover of Vogue Russia and atop the head of my favorite model Natalia Vodianova, the Bunny Ears looked fierce.
On my rabbits Galadriel and Matilda, the Bunny Ears (just stiff paper!) looked adorable.
Galadriel suffers my playfulness ever so patiently. She's used to
me putting ridiculous stuff on her for photo sessions.
Sure enough, after a few shots, I take the Bunny Ears off
and she looks relieved.
Matilda comes to bully Galadriel again.
So I "punish" her by putting the Bunny Ears on her!
Galadriel looks pleased.
Matilda is very very upset at this point.
Matilda attacks the offending object!

Now, the Bunny Ears on Madonna...

Hmmm. Let's just say Bunny Ears are for the young and effervescent!


  1. I loved that Madonna went with the bunny ears. Why not? She's Madonna. Imagine the stuff I would do if I could only think, "I'm Madonna!"

  2. Neighbor! How are you? You've been M.I.A. hehe. Hope you've been getting my emails :) Take care!

  3. Hey Fran! I loove these bunny ears! I'm putting together my cousin's 18th bday bash and our theme is punk rock Alice in Wonderland :-) We plan to have the 18 candles in white rabbit inspired bunny frocks. These are perfect inspiration/image pegs for the ears that we will have custom-made. :-)

  4. Haha, WendyB, ya I will always always admire Madonna's chutzpah. I may laugh at her clothes sometimes but I know she'll never care so I would love to be in that kind of state one day, where I can just say "Fuck off!" to everybody =D The post was actually for my rabbits and then I couldn't resist poking fun at Madge!

    NY Minute Now, I got your emails!

    Mrs. Palarca, OMGoshness! An Alice party! My wedding was Alice in Wonderland-themed! Well, sorta. The invitations, the stationery and the menu.

  5. Those bunny ears sure look very creative on the models. But I love them on your bunnies the most :D
    So cute.

  6. hi, i have an award for you in my blog :)

  7. D-C! Bunnies! Tell me if you ever have rabbit-inspired jewelry again...

    Duni, I love them on my rabbits the most, too, but I don't think they liked them at all!

    Thanks for the award, Shyn!

  8. *scratches head* Bunny ears? Even bunnies (yours) don't like them. :) I'll try this at home. Maybe I'll make my daughter laugh. LOL! :)


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